About Me

Name: Peter Leavitt

Education: Social Psychology PhD Student at the University of Arizona

Place of residence: Tucson, AZ

Favorite Food: Street Tacos (ie. tacos sold at street vendors, not tacos made from the street)

Favorite sports: Soccer, Hockey

Reasons for writing a blog: I’m just vain enough to think people want to hear what I have to say. :)


9 responses

1 08 2008

Wow peter you are certainly humble, I can see that now that it has been pointed out by you.

5 08 2008

how did you manage that picture?….I guess you have to be a lot taller than I am or just have a very narrow hallway.

29 10 2008

wow – think you are awesome! if I was ten years younger and living in the same country I would hope to meet you. re the psychology choice avoid -corporate life like the plague. I’ve recently been reading about positive psychology – finding and encouraging people to use their strengths – great stuff. All the best with your future choices :)

10 01 2011

Haha, man hip hurray for randomness. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, but was born in California. I googled “Warheads”, cause a friend of mine mentioned them in a status on Facebook. And that search randomly directed me to your blogg, cause you have a picture of them on your page:P
To be even more random I then clicked on your “where-I’ve-lived”-map, and I suddenly noticed that it said “Arcadia California Mission”, and I realized that it probably meant that you were a Mormon too! :)
Keep bloggin’!

20 04 2011

Peter enjoy reading your blog! I am located in NJ but am seeking to serve others in a different environment therefore, I want to relocate to San Diego county. Presently I am a middle school teacher in an urban district and have a Masters in counseling I was investigating jobs at San Pascual Academy and found your blog!! Anyway are there job opportunities presently at San Pascual? I am interested in working with youth and creating meaningful programs…

27 04 2011
Peter Leavitt

Thanks for the comment Maryann! I guess I should update my “About Me” section. I stopped working at SPA last October. But I will say that it was overall a good experience. I learned a lot while I was there. I worked primarily as a residential child care worker (ie. getting them up for school, enforcing rules, modeling good behavior, that sort of stuff) and it sounds like you’d be interested in more of a counseling position. I know they usually have openings in the residential care side but I can’t speak to whether or not there are any other kind of openings. But I’ll say that if you enjoy working with foster kids, SPA takes a unique approach and there’s so much good that can be done. Good luck with the job hunt!

27 04 2011
Lisa Rieder

Peter, where did you obtain the photo showing the twin boys,
one normal and one with Achondroplasia? I’d like to contact
the photographer to use the image.

27 04 2011
Peter Leavitt

I don’t remember. Sorry.

17 01 2012
Scott Dunlap

Excellent humor Peter … will be reading more of your blogs in the future … Happy New Year 2012 !!!

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