This black cloud has had a lot of silver linings.

9 01 2013

I’m worried that my last post may have seemed a little too cynical and pessimistic. The truth is, while what I said is probably true in a literal sense, my experience with Mormon friends and family finding out about my drama and beliefs has been predominantly positive. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised since they have always been such great people. My heart goes out to those people whose experiences within and without the Mormon church have been so much more negative.

I don’t know how I got to this point without completely offending and alienating Maren. But I did somehow. And that makes me very happy. I am so grateful for her maturity and positive regard of me given everything we’ve been through together. I’m grateful for the non-judgmental reactions of my friends and family, including Maren’s family. The last few months have had a lot of pretty painful and sad moments but I get warm fuzzies when I think about all of us, despite having dramatically different belief systems, continuing to have positive and rewarding relationships.

Nothing but love for you all.




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10 01 2013
Lisa Leavitt


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