One year down.

13 06 2012

I sure took my time getting around to writing this, and I don’t know if anyone still follows my blog anymore, but…

I have completed a year of graduate school! Objectively, I feel like that is something to be proud of. Subjectively, I don’t feel like I did enough or learned enough. I think I’m still suffering from impostor syndrome. In fact, I think I may suffer from impostor syndrome until I graduate. Haha. But I will graduate. One day…

So, this year was basically comprised of doing a lot of reading, a little coursework (some of it more useful than others), and almost getting a study off the ground. The year to come will be very similar except this time I will have several studies off the ground.

Now, during the summer, I’m doing more reading, preparing to teach Intro to Social Psych in July, and doing some writing with my adviser. And… I play Diablo 3 in my spare time. Perhaps more often than I should. But it’s awesome and it’s summer.

Maren is doing a summer program to become a speech and language pathology assistant (most people who read my blog probably already know this thru other channels) and she likes it a lot. She also teaches spin classes a couple times a week, which is cool. And she and I are doing our best to live with the heat here. ‘Cause it’s hot here.

And that’s the quick recap. Stay tuned… I might post again. :)




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14 06 2012

Yeah! Peter posted a blog. It seems like so long ago that you started your program…can’t believe its just been a year…but I guess in my mind the “journey” began when you started “applying,” and not when you actually entered your first classroom. You like marathons, so I’ll use that metaphor; congrats on reaching the end of the first 4 miles (I hope that’s not too pessimistic…I don’t want to leave you too much time in the metaphor to defend your dissertation after all the coursework is done.)

14 06 2012
Lisa Leavitt

Yay to the first year down!! I’m excited about Maren’s program as well. Hopefully you have AC or some really good fans.

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