Barf Empathy

14 12 2011

My darling wife isn’t feeling so hot right now and, to put it frankly, she has barfed. Now, I’ve tried to be nice and supportive by bringing her things and making her tea and all that but it occurred to me that I can’t really relate to what she’s going through. I lack barf empathy.

It has been a very long time since I’ve puked. When I was 18, I puked twice, once as a result of the “gallon challenge” and once after I ate 8 hamburgers in an evening and then drank too much water (I basically just barfed up the water, apparently I had no room left in my stomach). But I don’t remember puking because of sickness since the first grade. So when it comes to yakking, I am pretty inexperienced.

I bring this up only because it seemed curious to me. I wonder how many other people are like me and have gone through life relatively vomit-less and who have trouble relating to those who wretch every time they get sick. There’s my gross thought-provoking tidbit for the month.




4 responses

14 12 2011
Fred Leavitt

I have total barf empathy. I don’t barf often but once every few years I eat something that doesn’t sit well with me and there I am watching it all come back up. It is the most horrific feeling to lay there in complete misery just knowing that you’re going to lose it. I few very sorry for poor Maren. And then there is the sympathetic barf. If I’m in the same room with someone who barfs, just the sound of it (not to mention the smell) almost makes me barf right along side of them. When my kids barfed they had to clean it up themselves unless they could talk their mother into it. On the brighter side though. Once I have barfed I feel like a new man.

14 12 2011
Lisa Leavitt

This is so gross! Just reading it almost makes me want to puke! Yes, Uncle Fred is not much help when it comes to people barfing – he tries bless his heart but it really does make him sick so I was usually the barf cleaning up person. Thankfully, we haven’t had too much barfing here. I hate it so much that I will do everything I can to avoid it like staying still, breathing slow & deep, whatever it takes. Only once did we ever have our entire family puking at the same time – with the exception of poor Uncle Fred who had to take care of everything. It’s really a pretty funny, kind of gross story we’ll have to tell you sometime. I hope Maren feels better quickly.

15 12 2011

I spew every few years, I feel like men have a higher barf tolerance.

16 12 2011

I have a fairly iron clad stomach. I have been barfy sick twice that I remember and other than that I puke after anethesia. Poor Maren! Hope she feels better.

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