Finally Accepted!

25 02 2011

After 3 years and 27 applications I can finally say that I have been accepted to grad school. Anyone who still reads my blog will notice not only that I haven’t been writing much lately, but that I haven’t said a peep about my grad school applications. I have kept my progress secret from almost everyone after my disappointing round of applications last year. But now that I have an official acceptance, I feel confident in sharing some more details with everyone.

So, I just found that I’m accepted to the University of Arizona (the U of A of the U.S., coincidentally). This is a huge relief in so many ways. And after my visit to Tucson to interview and see the campus, I’m actually quite excited about the prospect of going there for graduate school. It’s a great program, with great faculty. My potential graduate advisor is pretty awesome and reminds me of my undergraduate honors advisor. Tucson has some good personality, everyone says it’s better than Phoenix (even people from Phoenix). I even met a guy who had lived in both San Diego and Tucson and he said he preferred Tucson. I don’t know if I believe him on that one but I’ll give it a go. The only downside I see is the insane summer weather. We’ll see how I handle that.

As for my progress with other schools, I feel more comfortable sharing it now that I have one sure thing. I have received rejections from UCSD and University of Colorado, Boulder. I have an interview at City University of New York this coming week. And University of Kansas put me on their alternate list, which means if enough people don’t accept their admissions offers I could get in there, too. And I’m still waiting to hear from the other eight schools. Wish me luck!




5 responses

25 02 2011

Congratulations Peter! I bet Maren was sad about UCSD. At least you haven’t been rejected from any NorCal schools so there is still hope there.

26 02 2011
Lisa Leavitt

Congratulations! I’m positive you’ll have more than one school to choose from. Keep us posted! We loved Tuscon when Kira auditioned at the U of A. She almost went there for her undergrad. If you do end up there here’s my advice for summers…..don’t get a place without air conditioning :)

26 02 2011

Awesome News Man!!! What about UofM….No go there….ah well, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have to be either!! We miss you guys!

26 02 2011
Fred Leavitt

I like the U of A (south) and I vote you go there. At least then you won’t be too far away. It is a good school.

26 02 2011

WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Peter!!!! I almost went to the UofA, love Tucson!!! Congratulations cuz!

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