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11 12 2010

So this might seem a little strange considering how little I’ve been blogging lately but I’ve been thinking I want to start some sort of for-profit blog. Nothing crazy or too time-consuming, but something where I can make enough ad revenue to maintain the site and gradually improve it, and possibly work in some e-book or merchandise sales. And just to do something that requires me to think and take writing seriously. I’ve been subscribing to a blog about professional blogging for a while and have been accumulating ideas.

Now here’s where you, my seven faithful readers, come in. I need advice on the subject of my blog and I need advice on the business side of blogging. There are many things that I enjoy writing about but not all of those things would draw enough traffic to be profitable. So you get to tell me if you think my ideas will fly. And despite my generous helping of brains and intellect, my business acumen is somewhat stunted. So I need your advice on how to actually make and manage money and treat my blog like a business.

I have two main ideas that I’m toying with right now. The first would be a blog that examines the things that we are afraid of, like rapists, swine flu, Wikileaks, socialism, terrorists, bed bugs and so on, and determine if our fear is rational or not. I’ve written a couple of posts in that vein already (see them here and here). Part of me worries that I would eventually struggle for content with this idea, but I also think that paying close attention to current events would give me plenty of material. This one would be written with a satirical edge to it.

The other idea is a blog that discusses issues directly relevant to Canadians living in the United States. I’m tired of all the Canadian websites that just list Canadian celebrities and foods and poke fun at how little Americans know about us. My specific ideas for content are still pretty nebulous, but I envision writing about things like Canadian culture and pastimes in the States, immigration, Canadian-American relations, and things like that. I know there’s a market out there for stuff like this, but I’m not sure how best to present it in blog form. My dream would be that one day George Stroumboulopoulous would endorse my blog. ;)





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28 12 2010

Hey Pete!
I love the latter idea – and not just because I’m biased.

I think with the first idea, you would likely have enough subjects to sustain you for a while; the issue I see coming up is that of research and time. You will have to do considerable research from both sides (those afraid and those unafraid) then evaluating them, etc. Conversely with the second issue, you yourself would be a primary source and you know many other sources that are both Canadian and American. You would have to do research with the latter, but much less and not as time-consuming. I think that even if your blog pays, you will not be as ready to write if you have to do hours of research before getting to type a word.

Those are my thoughts. Who knows, maybe one day MSNBC will use your as their Canadian Attaché and Fox News will say that you’re not even Canadian! You’re dual. And that “SOME SAY that dual citizen Canadians are not Canadians at all.” lol

29 12 2010
Chris Romney

Peter, I really like the idea of examining fear. In your past articles, you focus on the truth and exposing the fear for how trivial, misdirected or misunderstood it is. I think there’s value in this and spreading truth. Add to your list of fears: why many people don’t actively participate in the election process and vote. One of my theories is that there is a fear factor some may have of being asked to choose but not knowing who is the most appropriate candidate for one’s values.

I am impressed that you’re thinking of “going public” or I guess it’s “going for profit” now with your blogging. I enjoy reading your insights and points of view. Keep up the good work.

8 05 2011
Maggie Reno

Hi Peter! It’s Maggie – Andrew Irwin’s sister. I found your blog from Alexis’ blog! Anywho – I definitely think someone needs to write a thought provoking American vs. Canadianism blog. While things are similar, it’s different too. I think a style of comparison would be good. For example: school systems in each country, politics, fame, etc. Good luck!

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