Hello again.

3 12 2010

I have finished all but two graduate school applications and I feel like I can breathe again, at least for a little while. In February/March, when schools should be contacting me, I’ll be holding my breath again. But for now I wanted to take the opportunity to contribute a little something to my lately neglected blog.

First, a quick recap: End of October, I quit my job at San Pascual Academy. Beginning of November, I started working at the National Children’s Study. Spent a great Thanksgiving with Maren’s family and some friends. Bought a new car stereo on Black Friday. Beginning of December, almost finished with applications.

Now, details: My new job is great! My expectations when I was hired was that I would be out knocking doors trying to get future mothers to participate in the study. This is the primary responsibility of my position but the study is still working through some kinks in getting full authorization for us to go out knocking doors. It’s frustrating but I’ve been around research projects enough to know that having a study delayed because you’re waiting for some sort of upper echelon approval is fairly commonplace. However, it has actually been a blessing in disguise. You may have heard me mention how one of my pet peeves about my old job was that there was little room to climb the ladder and little motivation to do so. Good work wasn’t recognized the way it was supposed to be. So when I discovered that, at my new job, I would be working in the office until approval came through, I jumped at the opportunity to show them what I can do. Suffice it to say they like the work that I do and one of them has hinted at keeping me around the office in some other capacity down the road. So, I like the new job.

I don’t have much more to say about grad school applications other than I’m glad it’s almost done. When I finish with them, I think I’ll need to get another job to fill my time. Maren has been very supportive of me on the applications and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind spending some more time with me, instead of watching me type up my applications.

Anyway, I’m sure there’s more to tell but I’m not very good at these life update kind of posts. Let me know if you still read my blog. I’ll keep writing in it either way, I’ll just feel more important if I still have readers. Till next time.




9 responses

3 12 2010

Congrats on being done with applications! That is definitely something to cheer about.

3 12 2010

I still read your blog, for what its worth

3 12 2010

Good luck on grad school entrance!!!

4 12 2010

Of course I still read your blog! More than read it, my life is suspended in limbo in between you posting updates, so out of respect for me having a full and complete life, post more often! Love ya.

4 12 2010
Lisa Leavitt

Keep the blog going. I’m glad you are almost done with your applications. Trevor is in the same boat at the moment and it’s driving Alycia crazy because she is trying to get her stuff figured out for her teaching credential. Not knowing where they could be and because she will be graduated is posing a few little hiccups. I keep telling her it will all work out. I’m glad you are enjoying your new job :)

4 12 2010

Pete, so glad your work is being recognized by your new job. It’s always frustrated when you work really hard and don’t get acknowledged.

4 12 2010

I meant always frustratING not “frustrated”…

5 12 2010
Fred Leavitt

The little life update type of postings are my favorite ones. Keep them coming.

5 12 2010

Yup, still reading. And still happily married to you…

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