Sorry For Not Blogging

4 11 2010

For those of you who might not know, I quit my foster kid job two weeks ago and I started my new job this week.  Last week was spent writing and re-writing my personal statement for my grad school applications and this week is job training and more grad school stuff.

Some of you already know that at my old job I had lots of down time.  Once the kids left for school in the morning and I finished cleaning the house I would often get the chance to relax for a bit before they called me up to do some random job around campus. I would watch TV a lot. Mostly news and the Daily Show. Maren and I don’t have cable TV in our home and I’ve been noticing over the last two weeks that without a daily dose of the news I’ve been seriously lacking in blog post topics. That makes me sad.

For some reason, getting my news from the internet doesn’t have the same effect as when a live person delivers it on TV.  Yesterday I tried listening to AM radio news. I heard some stuff that got me riled up but I don’t know how much I can listen to that stuff.  There’s a lot of mean-spirited talk radio.  But I can still probably get some good blog ideas from it.  We’ll see.

Anyway, that’s why I haven’t been blogging as much.




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