My Concert History

27 09 2010

I saw Muse last week.  What a great show!  Totally rock star.  Had a great time.

Anyway, I hadn’t been to a concert in a while and it got me reminiscing about all the other shows I’ve been to in the past.  I thought to myself, “I should write them all down somewhere so I remember.”  Guess where I decided to write them down?  I figured it would be fun to reminisce and share it with my readers.  As concert attending goes, I’ve been to several but definitely not as many as some of my friends.  I know some of my readers were with me at some of these concerts so if you remember a concert, reminisce with me.  And remind of any I’ve forgotten.

And here they are, in approximate chronological order:

My first concert ever (which changed my musical life) was Our Lady Peace at the Saddledome in Calgary.  Stereophonics was the opener.

Econoline Crush at Area 51 in Chilliwack (got a guitar pick at this one).  Mudmen opened.  I’ve included an Econoline Crush video because I think more people should like them.  And I’ve included a Mudmen video because it’s such a novelty.  I don’t really like them.

Enrique Iglesias at the Houston Rodeo.

The Killers at Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton (We got in for free.  Thanks, Ashley!).  Tegan and Sara opened.

Pearl Jam at Rexall Place in Edmonton.

Our Lady Peace and Default at Capital Ex in Edmonton.  Also Armchair Cynics and others.  First video below is of a lady during the Default show that really, really loved it.  Maybe a bit too much.  The other video below that is during the OLP show, Raine walks down the middle of the crowd and some goober steals his hat.

Barenaked Ladies and Bachman Turner Overdrive at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton.  This was for Canada Day.

Goo Goo Dolls at Shaw in Edmonton.

Snow Patrol at Shaw in Edmonton.  Ok Go opened.

Wolf Parade at The Starlight Room in Edmonton.  Frog Eyes opened.

Travis at Red’s in Edmonton.  Maximo Park opened.

Ten Second Epic at The Starlight Room in Edmonton.

Raine Maida at the Belly Up in San Diego.  I talked with Raine and got a picture with him!

Switchfoot at Cricket Amphitheater in San Diego.

Our Lady Peace at the Belly Up in San Diego.  Company of Thieves opened.

Broken Social Scene at the Fillmore in San Francisco.  The “queen” of Canadian indie rock opened (what was her name Randal?).

Muse at Viejas Arena in San Diego.  Passion Pit opened.  The video is from the show we were at but not recorded by me.  It’s the beginning of the show, the song starts at about 2:15.




5 responses

27 09 2010

I’m proud to say that I accompanied you to a full 1/3 of the concerts on this list (the best ones, if I do say so myself). If you’re ever in the mood for more, there are always a tonne of great concerts in S.F. we could go to whenever you’re able to make it up here.

I can’t believe you posted the video of the lady who loved default too much! SO FUNNY I had forgotten about her until now!

And the opener for BSS was Julie Doiron (you should have just looked at your poster for the answer)

27 09 2010
Lisa Leavitt

I love going to concerts. I went all the time before I was married. Unfortunately I married someone who doesn’t really care for music and concerts. He’s a good sport though and has gone to some with me but I can’t drag him to all the ones I want to go to and I don’t like going by myself. I’ve gone with a couple of girlfriends before and if my girls lived closer they’d go with me :) Actually, Sarah and I went to a concert last year together….more of a concert for her but it was fun to go with her.

28 09 2010

Petey. You forgot that you went to the Travis concert. Tsk tsk.

29 09 2010
Peter Leavitt

Oh my gosh! Melissa, you’re right! And that was one of my favorites, too! I’ll add it to the list.

22 10 2010
Chris Romney

Enrique Iglesias?! Are you a fan or were you trying to impress someone. :-) I’m jealous that you saw BNL as I’ve always wanted to see them but it never worked out. Clearly you like Our Lady Peace. I might have to check them out a little more. Nice list – thanks for sharing, Peter.

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