Pick My Grad School!

18 09 2010

Grad school application deadlines are approaching.  Some are only two months away.  I’ve got my list mostly narrowed down and I’m starting on the dirty work of the application process, writing essays, getting letters of recommendation and ordering transcripts and all that.  But I’ve still got to pick a few more schools to round out my list.  So I’m going to give you a list of schools that I’m considering and you have to tell me which one(s) I should apply to and why.  You might (maybe) convince me. :)

Here’s what you get to work with.  I split up the schools according to their psychology program’s national ranking so that I can spread my applications among schools of varying degrees of competitiveness.  I have my top ten category, from which I plan to apply to at least one school, maybe two.  Next are the programs whose rank falls between 10 and 50.  I plan to apply to 3 or 4 of these.  Next are ranks 50-100, from which I will also choose 3 or 4.  Then there are those ranked higher than 100, and I’ve already decided on two from that group.  Then I have Canadian schools.  I may apply to 1 or 2 of these programs.  This should add up to between 10-12 schools and offer me a good range of chances at acceptance.

So I will now show you the schools to which I’ve narrowed the list in each ranking category and you get to suggest which school I should pick.  This should be fun!  Remember to give me your reasons, too.  (Schools that I’m already sure of will be marked with an asterix)

Top Ten (need to pick one more):

  • UC Berkeley*
  • Stanford
  • UCLA

10-50 (need one or two more)

  • University of Arizona*
  • UC Davis
  • City University of New York*
  • University of Colorado, Boulder
  • University of North Carolina
  • Ohio State University
  • Rutgers University
  • University of Washington

50-100 (need one or two more)

  • UC Santa Barbara
  • University of Connecticut*
  • University of Kansas*
  • Syracuse University
  • Virginia Commonwealth University


  • Loyola University of Chicago*
  • Kansas State University*

Canada (maybe one more)

  • UBC*
  • University of Waterloo
  • Queen’s University
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Western Ontario



9 responses

18 09 2010
Andrew Irwin

So is UofM already exluded, or is it one that you’re already applying to? cuz you know I live here and it doesn’t get much better than that, ok it would get better if I lived somewhere else, but I need someone to move here!!!!! Does UofM even have a grad Psych program… I’d research it and give you all the good reasons to come here, but if I’m not a good enough reason…heck I’d move to manitoba to be close to me even if there wasn’t a grad program at all…that’s just how awesome I am…you know it! Umm…Wow I sound like a cocky idiot… whatever “If you vote for [Manitoba] I will make all of your wildest dreams come true.”

18 09 2010
Andrew Irwin

ok so, UofM has Grad programs in
* Developmental Psychology
* Behavioral Neuroscience
* Social-Personality Psychology
* Cognitive Psychology
* Clinical Psychology

Plus tuition is CHEAP!!

21 09 2010
Andrew Irwin

plus did I mention that canadian schools don’t charge out of state fees…as long as your canadian you get the good pricing… That’s why provinces are better!!

19 09 2010
Lisa Leavitt

I myself would say “Pick the California schools!” Then you’ll still be nearby and we’ll get to see you and Maren once in a while. The U of A wouldn’t be bad either because Tucson is only a 6 hr. drive. But really, with any school in the States you should be able to do quite well with Pell Grants and what not because you are married and supporting yourself. Well…maybe the first year you wouldn’t get as much because you’ve both been working but after your money has dwindled a bit you should qualify for some grants and of course a student loan. Although, I’m not up on the whole student loan, pell grant thing like I was. Everything changed this year. Brandon, Alycia & Ben could tell you more about it. Regardless, you can’t put a price on education. It’s worth every penny! We are excited to hear what you end up doing. Wouldn’t it be funny if you ended up in the same place as Trevor & Alycia. At least 4 of your schools are the same as some of Trevor’s choices.

P.S. I figure since you only have 3 in your top tier and you’ve already picked one and need one more you should just apply to all three.

19 09 2010

I have no other reason for picking these schools than the fact that I’ve heard/think they would be good to live in. Boulder and University of Washington.

19 09 2010
Fred Leavitt

UC Davis
You may have noticed these are all in Southern California. In state tuition should help and I hear UCSB has a very beautiful campus.

20 09 2010

-Stanford – my father’s Alma Mater and a fantastic school

-Boulder – Although I’ve only been there once, I’ve always like the idea of living in CO
-North Carolina – I could do a Carolina. Outter Banks is beautiful and should be decently cheap

-Richmond, VA – I could do it, I like New England. Probably good people in the wards

-Shout out to Chicago – good friend Caitlin and Jeff live there!

-Manitoba – Paige and Andrew are great! Cheap school, I could do that.

-Those Canadian schools look pretty far away. Sorta got scared when I saw how far away those dots are when I google mapped them.

-Peter, I didn’t UCSD or SDSU on there!! Come on!

21 09 2010
Andrew Irwin

Thanks Maren

20 09 2010

Berkely and Stanford!!! Do I even need to explain why I think you should go to these schools (I only wish you had some more bay area schools on your list). They both are great schools, but I don’t think I need to convince you of that.

#2 choice: anywhere else in California.

These last two choices were admittedly a little selfish, so here are some unbiased opinions:

CANADA: I personally think you should apply to as many Canadian schools as you can. I’m not sure about you program, but it general, Canadian Schools cost a fraction of the price for the same level of education. And future debt load should certainly be a big concern for you now. And plus, it will do Maren some good to experience a good Canadian winter or two.

North Carolina and VCU would also be cool. We loved living in Virginia (and visiting NC), and it would be a great experience to live on the east coast. And Maren is right about the outer banks – they are probably our favourite place on the east coast. But Maren, you probably should stop treating Richmond (i.e. the Capital of the South) as part of “New England” if you move there.

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