This Is Why I Blog

26 08 2010

I’m pretty excited that I’ve been able to rekindle my blogging fire a bit.  And I’m even more excited that people are reading and commenting on it!  I typically blog about issues that are pretty important to me and I like the feeling of starting a bit of a dialogue with my readers (all 10 of you) on these subjects.  Speaking of which, I want to address some of the comments about my Politics and Cola post.  Really it’s just Brittney’s and my Dad’s comments, because they were the ones who disagreed with me.  And honestly, I have to agree with them on the points they made.

Democrats are different than Republicans in some fundamentally important ways.  In my post I said that they were too similar, but I also admitted to exaggerating the extent of their similarities.  I think I was reacting to the tendency for the media and the public to seem equally dissatisfied no matter who is in charge.  And to the castrated policy making that occurs when one side is forced to play to the middle.  And also to the fact that people don’t even seem to know the differences between the parties, except when it comes to topics with religious undertones.  So, I think there are political phenomenon that occur across the board to both parties and at times this gives me the impression that not much is different from when the others guys are at bat.  But, Dad and Brittney, you’re right that the ideological aspect of each party is much more important than I gave it credit for in my post.  It is the most important distinction between the parties and it is what motivates the actions they do take.

Thanks for being involved in my blog!  Let’s keep the discussions coming.




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