Chill Out America

27 03 2010

We’re living in very partisan times right now.  There is a lot of disagreement when it comes to politics and government policy.  Not that that’s different than any other time in American history.  But it is getting a little out of hand right now, I think.

I’m sick of the mean-ness in politics.  I’m sick of the violent action and symbolism.  It is NOT patriotic to throw bricks in windows, it is NOT patriotic to threaten our President or other politicians with violence, it is NOT patriotic for protestors to become violent, it is NOT patriotic to intimidate with threat of violence.  I’m sick of political speeches where more time is spent disparaging one’s opponents than explaining one’s own goals and ideals.  I’m sick of the junior high name-calling and intentionally offensive language that our adult politicians so casually throw around.  I’m sick of people making money from that name-calling.  I’m sick of all the political hyperbole. Healthcare reform is NOT a socialist government takeover; Obama is NOT a modern day Hitler, America is NOT on it’s way to a God-less, Communist state.  We are NOT China or North Korea or Honduras or Afghanistan or anywhere close, so let’s stop acting like our problems are as serious as theirs.  It might feel like it sometimes but the facts do not support it.

America is a democratic nation, free to determine its own course.  We have a leader elected by the voice of the people who acts on behalf of the people.  We are incredibly fortunate to have that.  If you don’t like something, change is just an election away.  It has been that way in the past and it will be that way in the future.  That’s not going to change anytime soon.

I’m sure it’s fairly obvious where I stand politically but I sincerely hope that the sentiments I’ve expressed above are bipartisan sentiments.  And wherever anyone, regardless of party affiliation or political views, acts as I’ve described, I condemn it.  I hope that reasonable Americans can agree that behavior as described above is unsustainable, counterproductive, divisive and dangerous.  Everyone is allowed to strongly disagree with current policy – it’s our right.  But if you have to disagree, do so in a civil manner.  I wager that a lot more would get done in Washington if that was the case.




5 responses

27 03 2010

I think we’ll lose our minds through this debate even though it must happen. Regardless of what’s right, we’ll never be going back to how things were, for better or worse.

27 03 2010

But if you have to disagree, do so in a civil manner. I wager that a lot more would get done in Washington if that was the case……..

Really? Is that why Obama was out on the proverbial campaign trail rubbing his healthcare bill victory into the face of the republicans?

Is that civil? Our petulant, self-absorbed, arrogant President just cannot handle criticism. He’s worse than a 1st grader. And you wonder why the rhetoric is heated?

27 03 2010
Peter Leavitt

Thanks for your comment, z! I don’t think either side appreciates it when they feel like they’re being mocked by the other side. But we’ve got to remember that it’s something of which both parties are guilty. And like I said in my post, I condemn immature behavior by both sides. But you have to admit that the “healthcare reform=armageddon” stuff was a bit of an exaggeration.

27 03 2010

Well… do I think it’s leading to biblical armageddon? Nope. But, I’m still waiting for someone to tell me how America plans to pay for Social Security, Medicaire, Medicaid and now Health Care. Economic armageddon may be a bit of a stretch… but let’s face it… we are broke and paying for stuff with a credit card we’ll never make good on.

27 03 2010
Peter Leavitt

z, I think your concerns are very valid and I share some of them with you even if I did support the healthcare bill overall. I only wanted to make the point that whatever our political differences, nobody is served by political commentators making hyperbolic predictions about the future (except maybe he or she whose outrageous sound bite makes the evening news).

Thanks for commenting!

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