Top Ten Things I Would Want On A Deserted Island

13 03 2010

For the sake of being interesting, let’s assume that I can’t wish for company like my wife or friends and that my basic survival needs of food and shelter are met.  And electronics are out for obvious reasons (and I won’t wish for a generator either).  And let’s be honest, I could come up with way more than ten but these ones seem like some of the best.

1. A soccer ball (If I get lonely I can draw a face on it and call it “Adidas”)

2. Boggle, with paper and pencil to keep score (Nerd Alert!)

3. A big knife (there are so many fun things you can do with a good knife)

4. A journal and writing utensils (when I finally get off the island it would become a bestseller)

5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (sharpen the saw, Peter.  sharpen the saw.)

6. A skim board or boogie board (hopefully the surf’s good)

7. A set of encyclopedia and a dictionary (I like knowledge.  And I’m a nerd.)

8. A planisphere (psst… it’s an easy-to-use star chart)

9. Sunglasses (if I didn’t have them, I’d be wishing for them)

10. Lots of toilet paper (I know you agree with me on this one)




2 responses

15 03 2010
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17 03 2010

Interesting thought Peter. I think i would need an endless supply of salsa and guacamole. You forgot to mention a hot blonde. Sadly, when I think of everything I would have on the island, images of food keep appearing in my head. Back to work I go.

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