My Oscar Predictions

6 03 2010

I haven’t seen all the movies that have been nominated this year but that’s not going to stop me from predicting a few winners and sharing some thoughts about this years nominees.  So don’t give me any crap about it. :)


Will go to either Avatar or The Hurt Locker.  Personally, I think it should go to The Hurt Locker, but I think there’s a good chance it will go to Avatar.  I think Avatar was a great movie, very enjoyable and groundbreaking but not a Best Picture.  The Hurt Locker was a great movie and is very deserving of Best Picture.

The Blind Side and District 9 were also great films but not Best Picture material.  Up was very good, too, but I feel a little bitter that it gets a Best Picture nod while Wall-E, last year, did not.  I thought Wall-E was far better and should have received the nomination.  Up will probably win Best Animated Feature, though.  The other Best Picture nominees I haven’t seen but I feel comfortable saying that they will not win this Oscar.


The only nominee whose movie I’ve seen is Jeremy Renner and I think he’ll be more than happy with his nomination and the award will go to a more seasoned actor.  I feel like Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela is inspired but my guess is that George Clooney or Jeff Bridges will take it.


I feel even less knowledgeable about this category but my guess is Sandra Bullock or Gabourey Sidibe will take it.


James Cameron.  Everybody else, thanks for coming.




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8 03 2010
Tash B Gosh

You called it

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