San Diego Says No

11 02 2010

The SDSU/UCSD Clinical Psychology program informed me today that I was not accepted.  Mega bummer.  Now my only other SoCal option is UCLA and that’s the top clinical psych school in the country so I don’t like my chances.  Oh well.  Two down, seven to go.




5 responses

11 02 2010

I’m sorry Petey. Even when you know its a long shot, rejection letters suck. Keep your chin up. It’ll work out.

11 02 2010

Oh no Pete! That’s to bad.

11 02 2010

WHAT??? =( That makes me sad and they don’t know what they are missing out on!!

12 02 2010

I know this is uncommon, but I would recommend appealing it. I have seen so many people get exceptions when appealing. We need you in So. Cal! Yep.

13 02 2010
Fred Leavitt

I agree with Tasha, fight it, they’re wrong and we want you to stay here.

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