A Letter From Yale

9 02 2010

I regret that my first post after a bit of an absence carries bad tidings but I’ve been telling everybody that I would post on my blog when I received word from any of the grad schools to which I applied.  Yesterday I received the first such word, an email from prestigious Yale University that regretted to inform me that I would not be attending their graduate school this fall.  They thought it prudent to let me know that I was one of over 10000 applicants to apply to graduate school at Yale, perhaps hoping to help me feel better that, in addition to myself, over 10000 other hopefuls would also not be attending.  Or perhaps complaining that they have to suffer through reading over 10000 applications.  Either way, they did not want yours truly.  Fortunately, my hopes were not too high concerning this particular school and I remain quite optimistic about my chances at the other schools to which I applied.  One down, eight to go.




2 responses

10 02 2010

We’re excited to hear where you will end up going. I always say you apply everywhere and then see what happens. Wherever you go will be the right place for you :)

11 02 2010

Doh! Sorry Peter, the letterhead looks cool. Did you apply to Harvard? Go there soley for the fact that we can come visit there!

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