Fatty, Fat, Fat-Fat!

15 01 2010

Okay, yes, I’m going to talk about my weight.  No, I’m not actually fat.  But I have gained a pretty pound as of late.  Sorry to be writing about my weight at this time of year.  I know everyone and their dog with a blog is writing about their New Year’s resolution to lose weight and it might start becoming boring and repetitive.  Well, here’s hoping it’s not boring and repetitive yet!

First, you have to understand something about me.  Excessive weight gain is a relatively new phenomenon for me.  I’ve always been naturally lean.  I would say, that for someone my height, I’ve usually been about 10-15 lbs below the average healthy weight mark.  And in high school I was quite visibly skinny.  I tried out for JV basketball in 10th grade and in the middle of a shirts/skins scrimmage (I was a skin) one of my classmates pointed at my chest and exclaimed, “Peter, you can see your heart beating through your chest!”  Sure enough, there it was.

So, by the end of high school and before my mission I had leveled off at about 180 lbs.  In the MTC, I gained 20 lbs.  Over the course of my mission, I gained another 10 lbs, putting me at 210 lbs when I finished.  After my mission I quickly lost 20 lbs and maintained my 190 lb weight for most of college.  There were some moments when I was working out a lot and eating well and I made it up to 200 lbs.  But I could never maintain the weight.  Meanwhile, I could eat pretty much anything I wanted, whenever I wanted and my body maintained a nice equilibrium of about 190-195 lbs.  I thought I had it made.

Then I moved to San Diego.  I don’t know if it was the warm climate, if I was getting less exercise, if I was getting more muscular, or if I was eating a lot worse but by the time I ran my marathon last summer I was pushing 210 lbs.  Not so bad.  Then after my marathon, I developed a temporary distaste for running and exercise in general and that, combined with the onset of the holiday season pushed me to a new high of 231 lbs.  When I weighed myself and saw that number on the scale, part of me died inside (I just wish that part of me had weighed a lot).  And now I, just like so many other people at this time of year, am resolving to lose some weight.  My goal weight is 205-210 lbs.

They say it helps to share your goals with others.  So here it is.  Wish me luck!




4 responses

15 01 2010

Hey, why do you have a picture of my belly on your blog? Good luck with your goal.

16 01 2010

I remember that moment for me … it was just after my Master’s program … good luck!!!

18 01 2010

Good luck Pete! i know you can do it! My husband’s also a little shocked about his weight after the holiday season and we have jumped on the bandwagon! We will see you at the finish line!

31 01 2010

It must be in our Leavitt genes. My dad was skinny until one day he woke up with a belly. My story was like yours. I was underweight my entire life until about after my first year in marriage at which point I realized I had gained 30 pounds in one year! It was easy to lose but now my weight will steadily rise if left unchecked. Im curious to see how your similar your situation turns out (for my Leavitt genes theory).

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