I Sang For Mitt Romney Today

21 12 2009

Mitt Romney has a house in my ward’s boundaries and he just happens to be in the area for christmas and he just happened to be at church today during which I had three different solo parts in our ward christmas presentation.  Politics aside, Mitt Romney is a famous person and I felt kind of special singing with him present.  I got several compliments on my singing and the stake president even gave me a shout out by name in front of everyone, saying I sang well.  So I don’t care that Mitt Romney was just one person in a large congregation of people who heard me sing or that he may have been falling asleep during parts of the program.  When I tell this story in the future it will go something like this: “I sang for Mitt Romney and he thought I was awesome.”  The end.




5 responses

21 12 2009

Very cool :)

21 12 2009

I keep giggling :-) But you are awesome you know.

21 12 2009

Was he really almost falling asleep? Say it isn’t so.

21 12 2009

That is something special. You’ll really have something to tell people about after Mitt becomes President in 2012!

7 01 2010
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