Applications: Complete!

9 12 2009

I have finally finished my grad school applications and I’m in a blogging mood again.  It sure feels good to have that part over with.  I’ve been spending some time finding out more about where I might end up living.  Maine might not be super cool, but it’s close to Canada.  Maren’s dead set against New Jersey.  California always looks good.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens.  I’m aware that I still have interviews to look forward to, and that could be pretty stressful, but in the meantime it’s nice to be able to sit back a bit and enjoy the Christmas season.

Speaking of Christmas, I love it!  And I love being married and celebrating Christmas!  We got our very own cheap, fake tree and we put our very own cheap ornaments on it and it looks beautiful!  And it’s all ours!  And I have to work Christmas day but, as a Christmas getaway, Maren and I are going to spend a couple of days in Mexico right after Christmas.  It’s gonna be awesome!

And I love Christmas music!  Favorite Christmas song at the moment: The Nutcracker Suite as performed by The Brian Setzer Orchestra.  Also, the Christmas Waltz by Frank Sinatra.  It’s good stuff.

I miss the snow a little bit.  I wish I could at least play in it now and then.  The last few days have been sorta cold, though.  And by that I mean 50 F.  And it’s cute to see how cold Maren gets in our little drafty apartment.  I remember how my Garneau towers apartment in college was drafty.  Drafty at 40 below is not fun.

Anyways, I feel weird writing my blog about what’s going on in my life, even though that’s what everyone always wants me to write.  I prefer telling you my opinions about random things.  It makes me feel important. ;)

Coming soon… Peter will tell you his thoughts on something other than his life!




4 responses

10 12 2009

Congratulations Peter!

I’m excited to find out where you and Maren will be living for the next few years. It must feel cool to have a whole country of possibilities in front of you.

Where are you going in Mexico? We just got back and loved loved loved it.

If Maren is ever cold, just tell her to be glad you are not going to take her back up to Canada. Its been below -20 all week here in Edmonton. But do you know what, I don’t really mind it – its kind of nice to experience real winter after being in Va for the past 3 years.

10 12 2009

I love hearing what you are up to!!! I can’t wait to hear more about where you are going to end up! Have you heard the duet of “Little Drummer boy” with David Bowie and Bing Crosby? Look it up … amazing!!!

10 12 2009

It was wonderful visiting with you and Maren the other evening over dinner. We loved seeing your apartment. It’s darling :) I’m excited to see where you interview and end up as well. This will be a fun adventure for you regardless of where you end up and like I said, you don’t have to live forever wherever you go to school. If you miss the snow then you and Maren should drive up to Julian and you can have your fill of it :)

15 12 2009
Daniel Harker

Pete! That’s so cool that you hve a tree!! You’re so grown up!! I can’t wait to hear about your Mexico experience after Christmas!!

Keep in touch man!

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