The “MySpace Self Portrait”

14 11 2009

I don’t know how many of you have been following my blog long enough to remember a couple of posts I made about some of the weird things that I see the kids that I work with do.  One of the posts was about them putting elastic bands around the cuffs of their pants to keep them bunched up around the ankles.  I still don’t understand that.  And then I wrote about how a lot of the kids use the word “sock” when they mean “punch.”  Seemed kind of old fashioned to me.

So this is another installment of that kind of weird teenage behavior.  This time it’s about a phenomenon that is very common and has been around for a while but still strikes me as ridiculous every time I see it.  I have chosen to call it the “MySpace Self Portrait.”  This is when the subject takes a birds-eye-view photo of themselves while they’re striking some seductive pose.  It is primarily a female portrait and it is often coupled with a low cut top to make the photographer’s cleavage visible.

Like I said before, this is a pretty common phenomenon among young people on the internet these days.  What got me thinking about it was the class elections at the school I work at.  Several students were running for student office and they each made their own campaign posters.  Mostly they were what you would expect from a bunch of teenagers.  But one candidate in particular exceeded my not-so-high expectations by choosing as her campaign photo nothing less than a bonafide “MySpace Self Portrait.”  I had a good laugh at that.  By the way, she didn’t win the election.  So all you future political hopefuls out there can cross that photo op off the list.


I’ve included my own version of the MySpace Self Portrait for your enjoyment.  You will immediately notice the seductive pose – lips pursed, coyly embracing the camera with my eyes, making sure my head isn’t blocking the view of my cleavage (which is something less than buxom, so I had to help it a little with my other hand).  Pretty enticing, right?  Also crucial to the MySpace Self Portrait is the lack of concern for the background of the photo.  You not only get to see my handsome face, you also get to see evidence of how disorganized my life is (I’m not really disorganized, Maren and I keep a very tidy house).  What this photo says about me is that I’m sexy, I’m confident and I don’t mind being objectified.  What’s not to like about this kind of portraiture?




3 responses

14 11 2009

Be still my racing heart!!

14 11 2009

VERY sexy!!!! How can I resist?

14 11 2009

nice photo

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