If I Were Homeless…

19 09 2009

…I would live in Southern California!

But before I continue, let’s get serious for a second.  Homelessness is a serious issue.  And I just want to emphasize that most homelessness is not a result of people being lazy and/or foolish.  I volunteered at a homeless shelter in Pasadena when I was on my mission and they educated all their volunteers that most homelessness is a direct result of mental illness, addiction or a combination of both.  Homeless people are ill.  Or in today’s economy, they could just be tragic victims of circumstance.  I only bring this up to help ensure that we’re not judging the homeless unfairly.Homeless Dinner

But back to the lighter side and my point – if you’ve got to be homeless, pick a good climate.  Maren and I just moved to Pacific Beach, a little beach community in San Diego, and PB has quite a contingent of the homeless puttering around town.  And as I look at these guys (and girls) with their ultra-tanned bodies, sun-bleached hair and a minimum of personal belongings I think to myself, relatively speaking, these guys have it pretty good.  It’s sunny most of the time, it rarely rains, they have an ocean to bathe in (although it seems to me that they probably never bathe), and the lowest temperature they ever have to deal with is 50 degrees F on a winter night.

It blows my mind that homeless people in Canada survive the winters there.  They have to keep track of more personal belongings because they need as much warm clothing and bedding as they can get.  They sleep on heat vents, in shelters when they can, or they just get themselves arrested for the duration of the holiday season.  It’s insane.

But as I said before, since most homelessness is a result of mental illness and addiction, homeless people don’t leave where they’re at.  They need to stay close to their supply of whatever drug is their vice or they just don’t know how to take care of themselves properly.

All I’m saying is that if I, personally, were homeless in Edmonton and things weren’t looking to change soon I would probably make my way straight down to southern California.




2 responses

20 09 2009

That is how I thought the first time I saw a homeless man when I moved here! Seriously!!!! I think I would die after one night! I am such a wuss!

30 09 2009

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