May 23-26

20 06 2009

As promised I’m returning to my blogging duties and giving a recap of my crazy last month.  I’m going to break it down into manageable chunks consisting mainly of the weekends of the last month or so, beginning with May 23-26.

Before I go into that, however, I really should mention something that happened earlier this week.  I got engaged on Monday, June 15!!  So sweet, eh?  Very exciting and happy day!  Maren, my new fiancee, created a brief blog post detailing the engagement story and you can see it at  I’ll be blogging about the day here on my blog, but I think I’m going to wait until I get my other update posts written.  It will make me feel more organized to put it all in chronological order.

So, May 23-26 was an important weekend for me.  It was the weekend I got to meet Maren’s mother.  And Maren’s mom just happens to be a missionary at the Mormon church historical sites in Nauvoo, IL, so that meant a trip to Nauvoo for the weekend.  I was pretty excited, both to meet Maren’s mom and to see the sights in Nauvoo.  I would also get to meet some of Maren’s siblings that I had not previously met.

The weekend consisted of visiting the various historical sites and buildings of Nauvoo and seeing the variety of shows and performances that the veritable army of missionaries put on nearly every day and, of course, getting to know Maren’s mom.  I was very pleased with all of the above.  My favorite sites were the Browning gun shop and the Trail of Hope where my great-great-great-great grandmother Sarah Leavitt had a plaque with some of her words on it.  My favorite show was called Sunset on the Mississipi, a variety show that featured a lot of singing and dancing and a fiddle performance by a young performing missionary that blew me away!  And, most importantly, I liked Maren’s mom.  She’s a very gregarious person and everyone in Nauvoo loves her.  And I also think she liked me.  Maybe that’s the most important thing.

At the end of the trip Maren and I had a little spare time in St. Louis (where we flew from) and we decided to go see the Gateway Arch.  It was pretty cool.  We even got to go inside and all the way to the top!  Sweet!  Maren told me later that she was half-expecting me to propose up there.

And that’s my trip to Nauvoo.  An enjoyable but busy trip.  Even though it was, technically, a vacation for me, I didn’t get to sleep in once.  Such is my life.  But very glad I went.  Partly owing to the fact that I was able to speak to Maren’s mother about possibly asking Maren to marry me and Maren’s mom seemed to approve.

Tune in again soon for my recap of May 30 to Jun 1.  I again ask for your patience as I still have no internet at my house which makes it a little more challenging to blog regularly.




2 responses

20 06 2009

sorry I haven’t gotten to call you back yet … it has been CRAZY, but I will and I am SOOOOOOOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20 06 2009
Fred Leavitt

I too loved the Browning gun shop and the trail of hope. Nauvoo was such a wonderful experience for me. Congratulations on the engagement. I am thrilled for both of you.

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