May’s Album: Super Furry Animals – Dark Days/Light Years

1 05 2009


Dark Days/Light Years

Dark Days/Light Years


So this month I get to pick the album again and, I’ll be honest, at the time of my choosing there wasn’t any particular album that was an obvious pick for me.  So I embarked on a search through recently well-reviewed albums and came across the Welsh band, Super Furry Animals.  

At this point I feel obliged to admit that I sort of judged this book by its cover.  Aside from picking an album that has received mainly positive reviews, I wanted to pick an album that grabbed my attention.  Well, Super Furry Animals fit the bill.  After seeing the band name and the psychedelic cover artwork I gave it a brief preliminary listen and I was impressed enough that I decided it would be a worthy album for the month of May.

That being said, Dark Days/Light Years was not a completely arbitrary choice.  I read the reviews; I looked into the band’s history.  What I found is that Super Furry Animals have been around for a long time, 9 albums to be precise, but have continually escaped mainstream success despite consistent critical acclaim.  The reviews for DD/LY seem to suggest that that trend will continue, that is, high critical acclaim, low mainstream acceptance.  I feel that as a responsible music listener I have a duty to reward such consistent, and apparently good, musicianship with a dedicated listen, even though, or maybe especially because, they may not be palatable to the general public.

So the critics like them; they say DD/LY, which is still less than two weeks old, is some of SFA’s best work in nearly five years.  And they seem like they will be a fun band to listen to (they even have a song written in Welsh!).  Definitely something unique and, I feel, worthy of a month of the Album Club’s attention.




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