My Hockey Woes

25 04 2009

I’ll be honest, I don’t usually follow hockey very closely but now that I live in Southern California and the Playoffs are going on I’m realizing that I really miss the Canadian emphasis on hockey.  In Canada you can catch nearly every playoff game on basic network television.  Not to mention Hockey Night in Canada!  Here in San Diego you get a game on Saturdays and for everything else you need to subscribe to a special cable channel.  All the sportscasts here are talking about the NFL draft and the NBA finals with the NHL as a side note.  It’s understandable, but frustrating nonetheless.

Like I said, I don’t follow the NHL very closely but I still easily get caught up in the excitement.  And I have to say that with my hometown Oilers disappointing a little this season and not in the playoffs, I’m finding myself pulling for the Canucks this year.  And they’re off to a great start!  Here’s to some great playoffs and a Canadian team winning the Cup!




One response

27 04 2009
Aunt Lisa

Yes, I had the same frustration when we first moved here. Unlike you though, I was a fanatic the entire season not just during playoffs. I even played on a boys team for awhile when I was growing up!! I then played on a girls team and I was the only girl the guys let play road hockey with. Sadly, after being here so many years I don’t yearn for it like I did when first getting here. I still enjoy it and if we could watch it on regular t.v. I’m sure I would. For now, I’m content to just read about it in the paper. On a side note, I don’t follow the NFL draft either or the NBA playoffs. I follow college football more than the NFL.

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