April’s Album: TV On The Radio – Dear Science

1 04 2009

dear_science_album_coverTV on the Radio’s website bio begins with a quotation from band member David Sitek, “A lot of bands have something to say, we have something to ask.”  Well, I have something to ask, too!  How did TVOTR’s album Dear Science become the 2nd best album of 2008 according to The Hype Machine, the third best reviewed album of 2008 on Metacritic.com, the 6th best album of 2008 according to Pitchfork and much more?  

Well, this month we’re going to answer that question.  We’re going to find out how TVOTR has topped so many lists and received such rave reviews.  My own interest has been piqued by the few tracks I’ve heard on the radio and the brief research I’ve done on the band.  It promises to be a rewarding experience.

So album clubbers, let’s get excited for this month’s album, Dear Science!  And perhaps, as we listen to TVOTR’s latest, we’ll be able to figure out what they’re asking us, too.


And for those of you for whom buying the album is a less than ideal option, my album club partner, Randal, has found a solution.  As a club, we are all going to share a membership at LaLa.com where club members will be able to stream all the album club music for free!  Once you’ve decided to participate, get in touch with Randal or me to get the login information for LaLa.com.  Once you’ve logged in, go to the “All songs” link under “My Collection” and there you will find the album club music, past and present!  

We would ask that all those who choose to use LaLa please do not abuse the account!  LaLa.com allows users to browse music and download music and other stuff.  For the purposes of the club we won’t need any of that stuff, so DON’T do it.  Randal and I will have the album club music ready for you in the “My Collection” section.  Anyone who abuses their account privileges will be denied access to the account in the future.

Please also note that LaLa.com will mainly be used for music that cannot be streamed elsewhere without an account of some sort.  For example, this month’s album Dear Science can be streamed in its entirety on the Hype Machine’s website (just scroll down to the number two album).




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