The Mprize

21 03 2009

In my latest issue of TIME magazine they have a special series of articles entitled, “10 Ideas That Are Changing The World.”  One of those articles coins the term “amortality” referring to the increased desire and ability to prolong life and the appearance of life (ie. plastic surgery).  Overall, the article didn’t interest me that much but it made mention of something that caught my interest.  The Methuselah Foundation and the Mprize.


mouse-1The Methuselah Foundation is dedicated to “extending healthy human life” and one way it stimulates research in that area is through the Mprize (aka the Methuselah Mouse Prize).  The Mprize is given to the researcher who can produce the oldest-ever laboratory mouse.  Read all about the Mprize here.  I found the concept utterly fascinating.  The latest winner was Andrzej Bartke, who produced a mouse that lived to 1819 days.

The research is fascinating and the possibility of extending human life is tantalizing, but I would like to be able ask that mouse how pleasant his extra time was.  How much longer do we really want to live?  Hmmm… interesting philosophical ramifications behind that question.  

If you could live indefinitely, would you?  I’m sure it would depend on whether everyone else could also live indefinitely with you or not.  And on what you’d be able to do with yourself.  And would we be willing to make the sacrifices connected with the increase in population due to decreased mortality rate?  Interesting questions, but I’m sure it’ll become a moot point before we attain the technology to make it an issue.




2 responses

2 04 2009

Personally, as strange as it sounds, it’s not an extended life I would like, it would be immortality. The ability to not die. Extra lifetime is useless to me if I’m still going to be beholden to money, schedules, and conventional transportation, because I would waste most of that extra time acquiring all of those things.
If I could be free from those kinds of worries, I would walk, and see things, and learn things. That is all I would do until I had seen and learned everything I could, then I would work, and help, and do things. After that, then I would decide what I would do.

2 05 2009

The technology behind radical life extension can be vastly accelerated if more people participated actively in doing their part to research and read about it. Here’s a good youtube video about this topic about how it could accelerate in 20-30 years’ time-

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