I Want A Porsche!

15 03 2009

So I’ve noticed a lot of my blogging friends (usually females) write posts about some consumer product (usually a dress or handbag) that they’re dying to have on any given day.  Well I want things, too!  And what I want is… a Porsche.

I’ve wanted a Porsche since I was 10 years old.  My 4th grade teacher, Mr. Hammond, indoctrinated me with all sorts of Porsche propaganda and I’ve been a believer ever since.  My infatuation with Porsches has been increasingly salient since I moved to California.  There are many more Porsches in Southern California than there are in Canada and I see them every day here.  Last week I drove next to a small convoy of Porsches, probably going to some exclusive I-have-a-Porsche-and-you-don’t party (which, if I had a Porsche, I would definitely attend).

So this is my Porsche post.  Specifically, I want a black Porsche 911 Turbo.  Here’s a picture.  And that’ll be all for this post.





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