Driving Etiquette (Part 2) – The City

26 02 2009


1. Don’t honk ’cause you’re mad.  The horn is meant to get the attention of other vehicles in potentially hazardous situations in order to prevent harm to yourself or others.  It is not meant as a way to express your anger and frustration.  But I will allow that if someone hasn’t noticed that the light has changed green or something like that, it is appropriate to give a brief honk to alert the driver.

2. Respect pedestrians.  Not only is it the law in most cases, but it just makes sense.  There’s no happy endings when cars and people collide.  I’m not saying that pedestrians should be able to get away with anything.  I just know that cars ignore them a lot.  And I think it’s good manners to be on the lookout for people in the streets and to give them the go-ahead to cross the street or whatever.  But, I would also concede that sometimes I think it might be worth it for one of those drunk, mad-dashing, late-night bar-goers to get a little nudge from a not-too-fast-moving vehicle to teach them a lesson for their stupidity.

3. I feel I should flip the previous point around for the sake of this list even though pedestrians aren’t drivers.  They interact with drivers and are a common source of frustration for me.  So, as a pedestrian, Don’t act like the world should stop for you.  Just because the law often protects pedestrians doesn’t mean you can be a jack-ass.  Cross at crosswalks.  Cross elsewhere at your own risk.  When cars stop for you when they don’t have to, show your appreciation – a little wave of the hand, nod of the head, whatever.

4. Your tricked out POS doesn’t impress me.  When I’m at home or going to the store or whatever else around town there are a few things I don’t want to want to have to deal with.  I don’t want to hear your car.  That goes for those little rice rockets that sound like angry bees and for those lifted pick-ups with muffler kits (aka, no muffler).  I also don’t want to hear your stereo pumping Soulja Boy or Britney Spears or your latest techno mix.  Do me and your eardrums a favor and turn it down!  And finally, I don’t want to hear you peeling out on my street in your ’88 Civic with the way-too-large spoiler.  Save the brake-stands for the high school parking lot, the only place that that was ever cool outside of an actual race track.

5. Turn on your signal light before you start braking to turn.  When you brake to turn without signaling first you seem like a crazy person to whoever is behind you.  “Why the heck is buddy slowing down?!” is what they ask themselves (ie. what I ask MYself).  Brake, signal – wrong.  Signal, brake – right. :)

6.  No rolling stops at busy 4-way stops.  We all know that you get to go in the order you stop.  Rolling stops mess up the whole freaking process.  Someone’s slowly rolling towards and through the intersection and meanwhile everyone else is wondering if he’s actually going to stop or if he’s going to keep on moving.  This makes what should be a very simple and efficient traffic task needlessly complicated.  And while we’re on the subject, there are also the people who, at 4-way stops, stop 20 feet behind the stop line and then go through the intersection as if that was a good enough stop.  No.  It wasn’t.  I’m there thinking that you’ve got another 20 feet and a stop before you go cruising through the intersection.  4-way stops should not be that complicated.




2 responses

2 03 2009

haha I’m glad I came across your blog! This is so relatable and hilarious.

2 03 2009
Aunt Lisa

Amen again!! :D

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