Hello again.

30 01 2009

So, uh, January hasn’t really been my month for blogging.  I’m not sure what changed exactly that has prevented me from contributing to the blogosphere.  But, one way or another, here I am.  I suppose I’ve been feeling less inspired about things to write lately for whatever reason and unfortunately I still feel that way a little bit, so this post may lack some of the charm of past posts.  

I feel obliged to provide a brief recap of my January, especially since I’m not feeling particularly compelled to write about anything else.  New Years was pretty awesome.  I went to a great party with a great girl and received my first ever (believe it!) midnight New Year’s kiss (even though the DJ’s count was about 4 minutes early).  After New Years my memory is a little vague, there was a couple of weeks of random social activity and hanging out with Maren.  

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Big Bear with Maren and her siblings and that was a lot of fun.  I got to see my first snow this winter!  But it was sad snow.  It was old snow that was dirty looking and hard and icy.  But it did the job.  It made me really homesick for Canada, to see the snow and be in the mountains and I couldn’t help but think how much better the snow and mountains are in Canada.  Nothing against my California home but I think most would agree that California should be known for its beaches and sunshine and not for its mountain resorts.  So anyway, that was a good little trip.  Then it was a couple more weeks of random social activity and hanging out with Maren (which is pretty fun) and here I am.  


Big Bear

Big Bear


Near Mt. Robson, British Columbia

Near Mt. Robson, British Columbia



So that’s my January in a nutshell.  Hopefully my February blogging will hold a little more excitement for all of my faithful readers.  I already know of a few things going down in Feb that could make good blog posts.  So keep reading!




5 responses

30 01 2009

Peter Peter Peter… how about a blog telling me about this Maren character… I’ve heard nothing.

31 01 2009

Great to hear from you again Pete!

31 01 2009

OK, I do have to agree with you there. Those are two things that Alberta certainly does have, beautiful mountains and good snow. The Rockies are truly a mans mountain.

1 02 2009
Aunt Lisa

Southern California mountains may not be so great and the snow not so great but Ben & his friends would beg to differ with you about Mammoth in Northern California. They get some crazy snow up there and it’s more like what Canadians are used to in regards to scenery as well. It took me five years of living here before I missed the snow. All you need to do is make a few trips back in the miserable winter to realize it’s a nice place to visit but who wants to live in that. You can live here and be two hours from the snow, not far from the ocean or even the desert if you prefer. You only have to drive 10 hours to get to the better mountains & snow in Northern CA or Utah. Even when we lived in Edmonton we had to drive a good 8 hrs. to get to some really good ski hills. :D

3 02 2009

I love how mysterious this Maren girl is in your post! Good thing I’ve blogged a picture of the two of you on my blog so everyone can check her out. She’s awesome! We should probably all go to Disneyland so I can try to be as good of a space ranger as you.

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