Best Night Of My Life!!

2 12 2008

So, I don’t know how many of you know this but I’m a HUGE Our Lady Peace fan.  And a little while ago, OLP’s frontman Raine Maida did a solo project which I also fell in love with.  Well, Raine Maida came to San Diego tonight and I was there!  The show went down at an awesome little venue called Belly Up.  I got to stand about 6 feet away from him.  So, I was telling Maren, who was gracious enough to accompany me tonight, that had Raine simply played through his album tonight I would have been more than satisfied.  

Raine and Chantal on stage

Raine and Chantal on stage

But no, the fates had something much better in store for me.  The first surprise came when he took the stage.  His band was simple: himself, a pianist and a drummer.  And who do you think the pianist was?  None other than his lovely wife and very talented musician Chantal Kreviazuk!  Pretty sweet, eh?  The next surprise was an excellent song he played us that was not on the album called Victim of a Small Town, which is about a musician named John Campsey that he met in a small town in Texas.  Great song.  Then a few songs later he treated us to a cover of Try Honesty by Billy Talent.  Amazing.  Then a few songs later he does Innocent by Our Lady Peace.  Loved it.


Now I know that all that sounds pretty awesome, right?  Couldn’t get much better, right?  Wrong!  So I figured since it was a small venue if I hung around long enough I might get to meet him.  Correcto!  Best surprise of the night!  I got to meet Raine Maida!  I got his autograph, I got a picture with him and I made small talk with him.  It went something like this: “Hey, I’m from Canada, I love Our Lady Peace and your solo stuff, and I really admire the work you do with War Child.”  Then he said, “Thanks, that means a lot.”  Then he asked my name and said “Thanks for coming, Peter”  And I said, “Thank you, Raine.”  That’s more or less how it went.


Me and Raine

Me and Raine


Raine's signature


So that’s why tonight was the best night of my life.  I feel like a little kid right now.  I’m such a dork.  But seriously, this guy is one of my heros.  An excellent musician, caring humanitarian, and, as I found out tonight, a pretty nice guy.  So be happy for me.




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2 12 2008

That’s so cool Peter. It’s always fun to see your favorite bands in a small, intimate setting, but actually getting to meet them too – awesome.

2 12 2008

Congratulations Peter, I’m glad you were able to meet one of your favorite stars.

2 12 2008
Aunt Lisa

Don’t feel silly. There are certain artists and songs that move us and inspire us. I got to see Rod Stewart last year for the first time and he has a few songs that really touch my soul. One of them in fact I’ve told my kids I want played at my funeral. They have all informed that that wouldn’t be appropriate to play in the chapel so I’ve made them promise that they have to blast it at the house after when they are sitting around reminiscing. There were a bunch of women who rushed the stage (it wasn’t at such an intimate place as The Belly Up Tavern) and he picked one of them to go up and dance with him on stage. I would have felt the same way you did had I been the woman who he chose from the audience. : D I did have a somewhat experience years ago at a Chicago concert. We got tickets not far from the stage. I didn’t want to embarrass poor conservative Uncle Fred and asked him if he’d be embarrassed if I stood up and started dancing. He said “no problem.” I was dancing and singing and then the trumpet player singled me out and we flirted back and forth while he played his trumpet to me. It was a blast!!!! I love concerts!! That’s all I did when I was younger. I often wish Uncle Fred was more into it but he will indulge me once in awhile or I’ll go with a friend :D I’m so glad you had fun. I hope you took the chance to walk around Solana Beach. I love it down there and The Belly Up is on such a cool street. Cedros Ave. is known for having some really neat little shops and quaint little places to eat.

2 12 2008
Aunt Lisa

oh, p.s. I like the song you have from You Tube that he sings.

2 12 2008

Great pictures!! You are so lucky :) How tall are you? Raine looks so short next to you.

2 12 2008
Peter Leavitt

I’m 6’5″

5 12 2008

SO happy for you…sounds like an amazing night!!

5 01 2009
Dan Harker

I can’t believe Chantal Kreviazuk was there too! WOW

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