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28 11 2008

goaskaliceSo I’ve had a lot of downtime at work for the last couple of days.  A lot of the kids go to their relatives for the holidays and I’m left with just a couple of kids who play video games all day.  Pretty easy.  So I read.  And today I picked up a book I saw at work called Go Ask Alice.  If you haven’t read it, you should.  I started and finished it today.  It’s a very poignant look at one girl’s struggle with drugs, told as entries in a diary.  Even though its authenticity is questionable (see wikipedia for more info) and it is, in fact, categorized as fiction these days, it got me thinking about my youth and it made me very grateful for so many things I think I normally take for granted, which is an appropriate coincidence considering today is Thanksgiving.  I’m grateful that I have a family that always loves and supports me, even if we may be a little dysfunctional sometimes.  I know that we’ll always be there for each other.  I’m grateful my parents raised me the way they did, however that was, because it kept me from making any seriously stupid decisions.  I’m grateful that I’ve always had such great friends that have been such great examples to me.  And I guess my point is that reading Go Ask Alice caused me to reflect on my life and I realized how good I have it.  And I would recommend reading Go Ask Alice even if you’re not as sentimental as I am.  But keep in mind that it is likely a fictional account.

Love you Mom and Dad and Andrew and Flora and Ruth.




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28 11 2008

Peter, when you mention that our family is “a little dysfunctional sometimes” it takes me back to another quote from you that I use whenever somebody asks what effect it had on my family when I came out so late. I think it was just before Christmas 2006 when you said that you felt our family had become “strangers who know each other extremely well”.

I guess when the supposed “head of the house” has been projecting a false image of who he is for 24 years it kind of sets the stage for everybody else to follow his lead as they seek to define who they are. Even though the landscape was entirely uprooted and changed out in early 2005, it couldn’t change the fact that we are, for better or for worse, still a family.

As Mickey says, “we are all lovable, but a little ‘odd’ sometimes.”

28 11 2008
Aunt Lisa

I read this book when I was a teenager and it I remember it really made me think about a lot of things and what I was grateful at a time in my life when I felt very alone and didn’t think I had too much to be grateful for.

29 11 2008
Peter Leavitt

Dad, FYI, the quote “strangers who know each other very well” comes from the movie Big Fish. I wish I could take credit for it, but I can’t. Still a great quote, though.

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