President Obama!

4 11 2008

barackobamaThe results are in: Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America!  I can’t tell you how inspired I am by this result.  His acceptance speech was humble, moving and sincere.  I could see admiration and devotion (and tears) in the faces of his supporters.  I could see how much the victory meant to them all.  And I thought to myself, this is the way a leader should be; this is the kind of reaction a leader should evoke in the people he leads.  

There are already many who question Obama’s ability to lead his country; sure he can give a good speech and he seems like a good guy, but can he really lead?  I say without a doubt that he can.  For evidence one needs only look at the incredible fund-raising his campaign did, the voter turnout today, the opinions of the international community, and the faces of his loyal supporters tonight.  If you ask me, a person who can mobilize and inspire that kind of support is more than ready to lead, and he will have many who are ready and willing to catch him when he falls short.  I’m sure I will get some heavy criticism for saying this, but I think his proposed policies and plans for government are almost less important than the respect he has garnered from people around the world (many of my Canadian friends have already expressed their delight at the new president; and check out this article about international opinion of Obama found on my good buddy Randal’s blog) and, most importantly, from his fellow Americans.  A leader whose nation admires him and is willing to fight for him will be able to accomplish great things.  

I can picture a lot of you rolling your eyes as you read this, so let me assure you, I actually do agree with many of Obama’s policies, I don’t support Obama only because he makes me feel good.  I know that there is more to being president that giving flowery speeches and I believe that Obama knows what he needs to do.  But the fact that he does make me feel good gives me tremendous hope for the possibilities of this presidency and the future of this country.  Even if you are a McCain supporter and/or have a difficult time seeing things the way I see them, I ask you to take a look at the faces of Obama’s supporters as he spoke to them on election night and ask yourself, “When was the last time I was inspired by a president?”




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5 11 2008

How did you know my eyes were rolling? All I can say is that I really hope you’re right and I will certainly give him a fair chance to do the right thing.

5 11 2008

I sure hope that America made the right decison by voting this man into presidency. America wanted a change and they sure got it. I can’t say that the man inspires me, but neither did McCain. The lesser of two evils? I guess only time will tell!!

6 11 2008

Thanks for linking to my blog. I’m so excited for President Obama! It looks like we moved to the US at a great time.

6 11 2008
Aunt Lisa

I agree with Susan & Uncle Fred.

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