Kids These Days

4 11 2008

This probably isn’t the type of post you’d expect on election day, but I don’t have anything to say about the election yet.  Maybe once the results are final.  

So today’s subject is a strange fashion trend I’ve noticed at the school where I work.  I’m not sure if it is actually something new or if I’m just really out of the loop and it’s been around for a while.  Maybe it’s a California thing.  Either way I think it’s weird and quite a few of the kids I work with do it.  What they do is put elastic bands or hair elastics or whatever around the cuffs of their pants so that their pants bunch up



just above the ankles.  I can only speculate why they would want to do this.  Perhaps to show off their dope kicks or something cool like that.  I have diligently recreated this peculiar fashion trend so you can see it for yourself.  I worry a little bit that this fad might actually catch on and become mainstream.  The day I see a pair of bunched-up-ankle-pants for commercial sale will be, I’m sure, the beginning of the worst fashion era since the 80s.  But at least I will have some credit for noticing it before it was popular.




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4 11 2008

I have to say, if that’s a trend that’s going to be popular, I’m not sure I want to be around when it happens

5 11 2008
Aunt Lisa

You know I volunteer at Alex & Sarah’s high school on a regular basis and every Friday night we are at the football games. I’ve never seen the kids do that to their pants at our school or any other school we’ve gone to for games. Maybe it’s just something the kids at your school are doing. Bizarre!

10 11 2008

My guess would be that some one has something that they want don’t want you to know about in their pants and they don’t want it to be found in thier pockets. Often fashion trends and popular fads are inspired by criminals. Chrome wheels, spinners, bling, and man purses all originate from the “thug” life style but they are now main stream trends. I’ll bet some where along the way some one wanted to hide something in their pants where they could have quick access and not get caught having that little something in their pockets….if ya know what I mean (weapons, drugs, cell phone ect.) . So little Johnny sees big Al crack dealer driving an Escalade with rubber bands on his pants and he thinks it’s cool next thing you know all of the little kiddies are doing it because Johnny’s doing it. But like I said it’s just a guess and I don’t reccomend asking most kids with rubber bands around their ankles what’s in their pants because that could be a big ol’ pile of awkward or even just plain dangerous.

Keep in mind that this is just my thoughts. I’ve never met any one with rubber bands on their pants. But if I did I would start to wonder just as you did.

P.S. are you the foot model? If so nice kicks I think I’ll have to get a matching pair……just kidding but those are some pretty sweet shoes.

10 11 2008
Peter Leavitt

Bobby, yes I was the foot model for the picture. Very sweet kicks, eh? The shoe store clerk said they were sexy and I agree.
And I’m actually very intrigued by your thoughts about the fad. Because I do work in a facility where many of the kids come from backgrounds heavily influenced by gangs and crime and drug use. Very interesting. But you’re right, it would be really weird to ask them about it. haha.

6 12 2008

I used to do that so that my pants wouldn’t catch in my bike chain. That’s the only actual PURPOSE I can imagine it serves. If they’re doing it and they don’t have bikes, I don’t know what it’s for.

14 11 2009
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[…] of the posts was about them putting elastic bands around the cuffs of their pants to keep them bunched up around the ankles.  I still don’t understand that.  And then I wrote about how a lot of the kids use the word […]

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