You’re Still Scared…

29 10 2008

So the accusations of socialism haven’t stopped in the week since my last post.  Not that I expected them to at all.  But frankly, I’m tired of socialism being used as a buzz word to evoke terror in the electorate.  So in this post I will try to allay your fears a little.  First, everyone needs to mentally separate the idea of socialism from the corrupt and tyrannical governments that socialism is so often associated with.  The ideology is good, the practice is notoriously bad.  We can use elements of socialism without becoming evil.  That’s the first point I want to make.  

The other point I want to make is that Obama is NOT a socialist.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s misleading to say that Obama is so.  He has suggested some policies that are socialist-like and he has said, as the Republicans will not let you forget, that we need to “share the wealth” but he is not a socialist.  For an example of socialism in the US, visit the website for the Socialist Party USA and check out their candidate for president this year, Brian Moore.  I think it will quickly become apparent that Barack Obama and the Democrats have little in common with Brian Moore and the Socialists.  And that’s all I have to say for today.

The video I’ve attached is yesterday’s episode of The Colbert Report, in which he addresses Obama’s socialist-ness and he interviews Brian Moore.  Humorous and revealing.  (5:18-12:00 is the socialism stuff and the interview).

The Colbert Report

[this video kept playing automatically and was getting annoying, so I removed it.  you can still check it out on]




One response

21 07 2010

American’s freak out when they hear certain word’s, even though most
don’t know what they mean.. For some reason it seems alot of americans
fear being like Canada, which doesnt make much sense. They should
wish to live like we do here in Canada.. Your country is set up so
if you are wealthy then i suppose you might think your country is good,
and if you can afford to live away from the violence of most cities, and
the poverty now in the countrysides, then maybe it is a nice place.
I dont know how you can deal with just the stress of trying to have
some kind of decent medical coverage.. I can walk into any hospital in
Canada and even go spend a month or two in a rehab if i needed to, and it’s
all completely free.. Maybe you think we pay alot on taxes, and maybe
we do, but what are the chances you maybe atleast once in your life need
to visit a hospital.. how many americans have tens of even hundreds of
thousands of dollars in debt because of some illness they had, or surgery they required.. A normal year in Canada we have about 160 murder’s in
our entire country, US has over 11,000.. and your population is maybe 5 times that of ours, maybe a little higher.. Maybe once upon a time decades
ago America was great, and a proud country i can see that, back when
there’s was lots of jobs for everyone. It scares me whats happening in your country, and the american people are just sitting there and watching it happen. The US government is completely corrupt now, and im not saying we are perfect in Canada, we are now being sold out by our prime minister
Stephen Harper, who is beginning to spend rediculous amounts of money,
and who is even now taking our very well run prison system, and revamping
the whole thing, im positive in order to bring in a privatized prison system
like they do in the US, and we all know what the state of the american jails is… well we see it on your prison reality shows on tv…. And the whole oil thing, you would really think that finding a better system then oil would
be number one for the US, so they wouldnt have to rely on countries they hate. If they werent dependant on oil they could maybe focus a tiny bit
on whats happening inside their own borders.. When things like the TRans Texas Corridore and Carbon Tax come into play, and dont think they wont,
there is already a Maxican/US customs facility planned for kansas city.
Its time everyone woke up, quit worrying about who is getting elected,
it doesnt matter who is in office or who is the president.. Do you think
Obama, w ho is selling out his own people big time, isnt wrapped up
with the builderburg clan? And once you confirm to yourself that he is
then start asking yourself what his real intentions are.
watch the doc’s zeitgeist and endgame and learn some facts then
you can stop worrying about elections and get your country
to start standing up and doing something about it!

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