Don’t Be So Scared Of Socialism

21 10 2008

In the news lately, I’ve heard a lot of people (read: Republicans) talking about how they’re afraid that this or that policy is going to turn the US socialist.  I don’t want to get very deep into it, because I’m not smart enough to do so.  But I do know this: the US has a very long way to go before it will become socialist.  Anybody who has images in their head of a USA that looks like Cuba or China or Venezuela, or something like that, doesn’t have anything to worry about.  And another thing, perhaps more importantly, the nations that consistently score the highest on the UN’s Human Development Index [eg. Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Canada (my Home and Native Land)], while they are not “socialist” countries, all tend to have a lot of socialist-style policies.  No system is perfect, and a good system of government should certainly be a balanced one (capitalism and socialism can get along together), but I sure don’t think people should be as apprehensive about socialist-like policies as they seem to be.

Now I’ll lighten things up a bit and cap this post off with a quotation from Nobel laureate Thomas Mann: “Every reasonable human being should be a moderate Socialist.”

And with a song from my fellow Canadian, Sam Roberts, called The Canadian Dream




2 responses

22 10 2008

I’ve been really upset lately about all those crazy republicans and their socialist-hating (and Obama hating in general – its getting kind of frightening). This is such a backwards country sometimes.

I don’t think you would ever have a song in the US that has as great of a chorus as “S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M is the only way.” Awesome.

23 10 2008
For the Seven-Year-Old Socialist-American « This Blog IsA Typo

[…] I would like to direct your attention to the blog of my friend and fellow Canadian-in-America, Peter.  I think its funny that ’socialist’ is the word McCain used to smear Obama after […]

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