Make Poverty History

1 10 2008

I don’t know how many of you know this about me, but I think I have a bit of an activist’s soul.  I’m not really an activist outwardly, it’s more like an inner passion to see a lot of change in the world.  But I realize how little being inwardly passionate accomplishes so I’m trying to help it become outward.  

Generally, my passion could be described as a desire to end extreme poverty and inequality.  There are so many other issues that come along with that, but that’s the best place to start.  I could write several posts on my feelings about this and many other issues, but for today I just want to share a short video; an act of outward activism for the day.  

This video features Bono, legendary musician and humanitarian, and my hero.  It is a few years old, but its message is still just as current now as it was then.  And just a thought to keep in mind, I hate that it has become such a cliche to see an emaciated ethnic child on TV.  I implore you, when you see this video, and others like it, don’t see a cliche, see a human being.  See someone whose life is intertwined with yours – because it really is.  For the religious, it is the believer’s duty to do unto others as if to their deity.  For everyone, it is our responsibility born from our very humanity not to allow such suffering to occur.  In a world as connected as ours now is, it would be naive to think that we can afford not to do something.  Most people simply don’t appreciate how much their lives are affected by global poverty and inequality.

I have many more thoughts on the subject.  If you’re interested in hearing them, let me know.  I’ll try not to be one of those preachy zealots. :)

And I think I can fit in one more outward activist act in this post.  To find out more and to get involved at a political level, check out the Make Poverty History Campaign in Canada or the One Campaign in the US.  And think about this as you vote this year.




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13 07 2010

You sir are completely devoid of knowing anything about the US or it’s policies. So do us all a favor pete… stay within your borders that we so humbly protect for you… smoke your weed, drink your beer, fight with your french brothers to the east (Or your English brothers to the west), complain about the US all you want… The fact is that most Canadians, in the southern portions that is, are, in large part, made up of those ex-pats from the states that fled from the draft or ran across the border from the feds for some reason or another, basically, criminals and social misfits. Canadians need to just shut their holes and know their roles. …Oh eh… and stop wondering about our politics or we just might decide to annex the property north of our borders for our own… And another thing be glad that you don’t speak Arabic.

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