How My Day Was Made Today

26 09 2008

I got paid one of the coolest compliments ever, today!  

Just in case you don’t know, I work as a child care worker at the San Pascual Academy, which is a high school for foster kids.  There are about 130 kids who live and go to school at the facility.  While I’m at work I’m in charge of a houseful of six teenage boys.  I make sure they wake up and get to school and take their meds and don’t kill each other.  The majority of the kids on campus are either black or latino, and in my house there are 3 latinos, 2 black kids and one white kid.  I only mention that because it’s relevant to my story.

Well, a couple of the boys that live in the house I supervise made my day today.   Today at breakfast, two of the boys I work with, Aryon (who is black) and Augustine (who is latino), are chatting with me at the table.  And almost out of nowhere Aryon says to me, with a smile on his face, “Peter, you’re half-black.”  I look at him and I pause, not quite sure what to say to that, but it was obvious it was meant as a compliment.  So I said, “Are you serious?”  And Augustine (who, apparently, is also half-black) says, “Yeah, you’re cool.  You’re half-black ’cause we say so.”  Well, I thought that was pretty darn cool.  I’m not sure if they go around handing out “half-black” status to a lot of people, but I like to think that it’s reserved for only the coolest people.  I’m also not sure what kind of street-cred being “half-black” will get me, but I guess I’ll find out.

Anyways, that’s the story.  I’m sure you’re all pretty jealous right now.  Well, ’til next time this is your homie P-dawg signing off.  Word.




5 responses

26 09 2008

peter with that last sentence I think your cool status just died off a little.

28 09 2008

Ha, that is awesome, congrats :)

Oh and since the other day when we were talking about blogging you said that girls only blog about babies or shopping and I had neither on mine, I added a category of “shopping escapades” to my blog just so that I can live up to my gender and be one of those girls that bugs you :)

1 10 2008

you know I’m jealous!!!!

10 10 2008

Well, if Mickey and head out to California and get married, you will have an African-American step-dad, and I can tell you this…Mickey and I pretty damn proud of the person you are and your ideals bring tears to our eyes. Keep up the good work! You and Obama are the hope for the future.

10 10 2008

Your dad told me about this a few days ago and I just wanted to say, “Welcome to the hood”! “WASSSSUUUP”! Since you are now “half-black”, I can claim you as a “relative”! ;-)

Seriously though…. Peter, you are doing something very special by inspiring and motivating our youth and especially these little guys.

Keep up the good work… Your dad is very proud of you.


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