I Realized Something On The Way To Work Today

20 08 2008

So the place where I work is kind of remote and as I was driving to work today I was thinking and taking in the scenery around me and I had a sort of “duh, this place is pretty different than what I’m used to” moment.  I mean, I see the same stuff every day on my way to work and I know that Southern California and Canada have one or two differences but today I guess I lumped it all together and realized “hey, this place is pretty unique.”  Maybe I never really thought about it before because I’m used to moving around so much.  But my point is that on my way to work I see all sorts of things that you wouldn’t see (or would rarely see) in Canada and it made me chuckle to myself at the realization.

The first thing that I encounter on my way to work that you rarely see in Canada (at least western Canada) is an interstate that is anywhere between 4 and 6 lanes wide.  I think that highways in Canada rarely make it past 3 lanes.  At least where I’ve lived.  I remember when I arrived in my mission and we were driving from the airport to the mission home I was pretty amazed and intimidated at the size of the freeways.

Another thing that I see on my way to work is a vineyard, it offers wine tasting and everything.  Vineyards look pretty cool, they’re like a kind of green upholstery on the gentle hills.  It’s just a shame that all they’re there for is to make wine.


Another thing I see is a palm tree farm.  I’ve seen tree farms before.  I used to walk by one on my way to my bus stop as a kid.  But in Canada it’s always evergreens; christmas trees.  So seeing row after row of palms and so many different varieties of palms is a reminder that I’m definitely in southern California.

Another thing I see is an ostrich farm.  I’ve seen ostrich farms in Canada, but they’re rare.  And I’ll be honest, to me, an ostrich farm seems much less out of place in southern California.



Another thing I see are multiple orange groves; one of them is even right across the road from where I work.  Again, I’ve seen groves of fruit trees before, but usually apple trees.  So hundreds of orange trees, with all their tropical connotations, also serve as a reminder that I may be somewhere other than Canada.


Another thing that says to me “you’re not in Canada anymore” is that there are regular rattlesnake sightings around the place where I work.  Rattlesnakes are scary.  I grew up chasing harmless garter snakes in ditches.  Rattlesnakes are scary.



And one last difference I’ve noticed, both on the way to and from work and pretty much anytime I go outside, is that it’s sunny all the freakin’ time!  (This is where I stick out my tongue at all the sun-lovers who are stuck in Canada)  The temperature is also so warm all the time.  Since I am predisposed to sweat a lot, I have yet to decide whether I’ll get sick of the warmth or not.  But every time I go outside shirtless and feel the sun’s rays massaging my man-curves, I think to myself, “I can live with this.”




3 responses

21 08 2008

I am one of those sun lovers…oh what I would do to live in that kind of climate year round!? It’s amazing at what life has to offer if we just open our eyes and notice those things around us. I love that there’s a palm tree farm on your way to work…another love of mine!!

23 08 2008

Thanks Peter. Yes I know that comment was directed at me :-( It was pretty crappy here the last couple days. We went from 100′ and sunny to 50′ and rainy. Bluck!!!

26 08 2008

I don’t know why it took me thirty years to figure out that there are warm places to live. I love San Diego.

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