An Update

7 08 2008

So August is starting off as a bad month for blogging, too.  But I’m hoping to have a lot more time to dedicate to my blog soon.  I gave my notice at my Barnes & Noble job and I’m officially done there in a week and a day!  I decided that my life sucked too much cause I all I did was work.  Now I’m hoping to participate in some evening activities here and there and make some more friends and stuff.  Should be good.  Gonna play soccer and sing and date, maybe all at once.  Watch out!

My other job isn’t turning out the way I hoped it would.  I was hoping for some experience a little more directly related to my career plans.  Instead, I mostly read and clean all day.  A little disappointing.  And the pay is chicken feed.  On the other side of coin it does feel really good to be working with the kids that I work with.  It’s frustrating sometimes but I know I’m learning valuable things and connecting with the kids.  It’s always a good feeling to think that you might mean something to somebody else.  

So the way things are right now, I see myself staying with this job for a few more months and looking for something a little more helpful to my future in the meantime.  Not to mention writing the GRE and applying to grad school.  And hopefully I’ll start getting more sleep, too, with my other job out of the way.  When I’m rested I have more interesting things to say on my blog.  And I think that’ll be all for now.




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