Not Just For Nerds

22 06 2008

So, I’ve been really busy with work lately and haven’t had much chance to write anything.  Sorry.  But I saw something last night that I had to let everyone know.  Everyone who knows me will get a kick out of this.

So there’s a trendy, little coffee shop next door to Barnes & Noble where I work and on Saturday nights they have live music there and it seems to be a popular little hang out.  Well, last night I’m there working and I can see the front of the coffee shop and the tables outside from where I work at the cashier.  And what do I see?  I see a group of trendy-looking youth gathered around a small table outside, coffee and cigarettes in hand, and what, you ask, are they doing?  They’re playing none other than my favorite word game in the whole, wide world – Boggle!  So to everyone out there who thinks Boggle is solely a nerd’s pursuit, think again!  These were trendy, coffee-drinking, cool people.  Believe it!  So, yeah.  I enjoyed seeing other “cool” people publicly enjoying one of my favorite activities.  So there.




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