Time For Another Update

16 06 2008

I figured it’s about time I added something to my blog again.  I’ve been getting a little busy with life and I’ve been neglecting you, my beloved blog readers!  The only problem is, I feel like all I’ve been doing lately is working and that doesn’t seem to be a very fruitful source of blog material so far.  But I guess I can probably extract something from it all.  

Right now I’m just finishing up my training for the San Pascual Academy job.  I’ve done my first aid/CPR, transportation training, cultural training and now I’m doing restraint training.  It’s been kind of interesting.  The trainer for all of it is quite an interesting guy.  He’s overweight and smells like Listerine and he always wears the same stained cap to trainings.  He’s got a crazy style of speaking, it’s like his tongue is too big for his mouth so when he speaks he slurs his words together and spits a lot.  He constantly says to us “Does that make sense to you?” but when he says it it sounds more like “duzzat may senschah?”  He also say words like “material” and “here”, “maturrial” and “hurr”.  But despite all that he does an excellent job of keeping everyone involved and he keeps me from falling asleep.  The trainings are actually interesting even if sometimes it’s a little frustrating trying to decipher what he means.  

I’ve also been doing some on-site shadowing at the actual facility where I’ll be working and I’ve been getting to know how things work there.  My first few days have been super easy.  One day I got to play some catch and some pool, another day I watched 3 movies and read a book for my entire shift.  It all depends on how many kids are there for you to look after (the kids leave the facility a lot on weekends) and how well-behaved the kids are.  I feel like I may be getting a false sense of how the job’s going to be, though.  I need something semi-serious to happen soon to keep me from getting complacent.  But all things considered, I’m feeling really good about this job.  I can see it being really good for me.

My Barnes and Noble job continues to be super easy.  I guess I’m really good at selling B&N memberships, someone brought it up the other day.  Kinda cool.  I’ve really been taking advantage of the book loan program and my employee discount.  In the last two weeks I’ve read “When You Are Engulfed In Flames” by David Sedaris, “For One More Day” by Mitch Albom, “Post Secret” by Frank Warren, “Night” by Elie Wiesel, and I’m halfway through “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch.  I forgot how much I like reading.  I could probably write separate blog entries about each one of those books.  So good.

My social life is improving, too.  I’m making friends and starting to like the people here.  But my social life is doomed to progress slowly.  Because of my jobs I keep missing YSA activities and I keep working weekends and evenings.  This week, for instance, I worked this morning and this evening, I work morning and evening tomorrow, friday and saturday as well, and I work just the morning on wednesday and thursday.  Kinda sucky.  But oh well.  I need the money.  I figure I’ll probably only keep the B&N job ’til the end of the summer.  

Well, I think that’s a pretty decent update, don’t you?  I promise something more interesting soon.




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