Top Ten Careers

10 06 2008

I bet you’re all wondering what Peter would be doing if he wasn’t in psychology.  What?  You’re not?  Well, I’ll just tell you anyway.  I’ll start with the career I’m chasing right now and follow that with a few alternate routes that I would probably consider if my current one doesn’t work out :)

1. Counseling Psychologist – Since my mission, I’ve been pretty certain that I wanted to help people as a psychologist of some sort.  I’ve been able to narrow it down to a counseling psychologist based on my experience in school and it’s compatibility with my ideals.  The idea that I can help someone help themselves is exciting to me.


2. Professional Soccer Player – I’m going to be completely honest here.  I could play soccer for the rest of my life and be completely happy.  I would love to get to be on a soccer field and feel the intense energy of the fans wash over me as I just run back and forth playing the game I love.  The problem is that I’m past my prime now.  Maybe if I had been born in England and attended soccer boarding schools since infancy…

3. Rock Star/Singer – Hey, there’s no reason I can’t dream big, right?  I love to sing, at least as much as I love playing soccer.  I may not be the best ever, but boy do I love it.  Plus, I’m sort of into myself and how awesome would it be to have people chanting my name and asking for my autograph and throwing their undergarments at me and wanting to have my babies?  Pretty darn awesome I would say.  And all for doing something I love doing anyway.

4. Novelist/Writer – I think everybody’s got a good story inside of them somewhere waiting to come out.  And I feel like I must have at least one decent one hiding in there somewhere.  In high school I hated writing and it was my worst class.  Then in university I discovered that I’m sort of good at it and I that I kind of enjoy it.  And, as you may have noticed, it has become my creative outlet du jour.  I think I could really enjoy writing things for a living.  

5. A Film Critic or Food Critic – Have you ever felt a little resentment towards guys like Roger Ebert, who sit on their fat behinds and whine about the latest movie and get paid for it, and you usually disagree with them anyway?  I have.  But have you also thought how awesome it would be to have their job?  I love movies.  I love food.  I think I have good taste in both.  I should get paid for watching movies and eating food.  Period.

6. Forensic Scientist – I used to read books like Encyclopedia Brown and the Hardy Boys as a kid and I loved trying to solve mysteries and I think it would be way cool to solve real life mysteries using science!  I’m not sure what would be cooler, accident or crime scene reconstruction, where you use physics to determine the trajectories of bullets and shrapnel, blood spatter, skid marks, or medical examiner, taking people apart to figure out what killed them.  It would be coolest to be like the fake ones on CSI, who do a little of everything.

7. FBI Profiler – I feel like this might only exist in the movies, but it would be cool to be the psychologist who creates the profile of a serial killer like Buffalo Bill or John Wayne Gacy or David Berkowitz based on the pattern of evidence collected and that will eventually lead to the capture of the deranged criminal.  They’ll make movies about my work and write true crime novels about me and the murderers I’ve helped catch.  Yeah, that would be cool.

8. Food taster – I read an article once about these ladies that were food tasters; like quality control sort of stuff I guess – different than a food critic.  Apparently they had some of the most refined taste buds in the world.  They could taste the difference between two separate batches of Chips Ahoy cookies, for example.  When they go out to eat they can essentially list the ingredients of their meal just by tasting it.  Maybe my taste buds aren’t quite of that calibre, but I would be willing to learn.

9. Inventor – Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be an inventor – of anything really.  One of those guys who just dedicates his life finding a need and filling it with some creative, eccentric, possibly useless contraption.  I would join the ranks of legends like Raymond Kurzwiel, Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway and whoever it was who invented the Thighmaster (I should clarify, Raymond Kurzweil is a legitimate genius, the others are debatable).  The catch has always been that I’m not very mechanically inclined.  It has sort of held back my inventor dreams.

10. Nude Model – This one is only half-serious, but maybe some of you won’t be surprised.  I would be a nude model not because I think I have the sort of body that the world would want to see or that I want them to see it, but because of the joy and freedom I find in not wearing clothes.  Why not get paid for it?  Am I right?  Haha.  Don’t take me too seriously on this one, okay?




2 responses

10 06 2008

nude model should definitely be #1, I love that kind of freedom!

5 08 2008

After reading what you have come up with on your list of possible careers, I think that a novelist/writer is definitely your best choice.

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