An Update

3 06 2008

Today has been a busy day for me.  At least compared to my life over the last month.  I had to get up sooo early this morning – 6:30am.  I know I’m a wuss.  I was really getting used to waking up at 10 every day.  I had my first training for my new job this morning, first aid and CPR.  The building the training was in was an old building and it smelled really weird, it was an unhappy smell.  It smelled like maybe there were some old chemicals in the walls and floor that had been slowly seeping out over the last 30 years and now the room was saturated with its fumes.  And it also smelled like it was combined with the accumulated body odor of many employees with poor hygiene.  And the guy sitting next to me smelled like Listerine.  Not my favorite morning ever.  

I went from one unhappy building to another one, the DMV.  The DMV gives you this gloomy feeling when you go in.  I don’t like the place.  If the DMV had an aura, it would be vomit colored.  But I aced my written test for my Cali license!  Now I only have to wait A FREAKING MONTH to take my road test!  I was irritated enough that I had to take all these tests again.  I don’t know how they can expect anyone to get their license within ten days of getting to Cali.  Now I get to spend my Canada Day morning proving that Canadian drivers can drive in California.

Now after I’m done writing, I get to go to work at Barnes & Noble till 10.  It’s a good thing it’s such an easy job.  But I’m still gonna be pooped when I’m done.  Till next time…




One response

4 06 2008

are you sure you’ll be able to drive in California??? I just don’t know if you’re up to it??? :-)

Also, I still don’t know how you were able to sleep till 10 when you had Evan screaming every morning at 7:00. (Sorry about that)

Love you!

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