What A Relief!

1 06 2008

I got my wallet back today!!  Just thought I would briefly share how good that feels.  It feels darn good.  Disneyland found it on Monday and mailed it to me.  I received it in the mail yesterday.  My life was basically on hold while my wallet was missing.  I couldn’t complete my orientation for my new job without all my ID saying I was legal to work in the States.  Luckily, I was still able to work at my part time job in the meantime.  But I had to drive to work every night without a license.  Maybe not that big a deal because I’m a pretty law-abiding driver, but a little nerve-racking, nonetheless.  And now that I have my wallet back, my life can start again.  I can start my full time job now.  I don’t have to worry about getting a driver’s license from scratch.  And I don’t have to replace my Safeway Club card!  Whew!  And so much more.  I guess this is just a long way to say that I’m so freaking happy that I got my wallet back!  What a weight off my shoulders!




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