Out Of The Loop

29 05 2008

So last week, after accepting the job with San Pascual Academy, I get in touch with the HR person who’s job it is to get me on the payroll and begin my orientation.  I go and see her, she takes some information from me and sends me off to get fingerprinted, get a physical and a TB test with instructions to return in a week with the results of my tests.  I wrote it down in my planner.  Today was a week later.  I was under the impression that I would be attending an orientation meeting this morning at 9.  I show up 20 minutes early and no one’s there.  I wait until 10 after.  Still nobody.  I try calling.  No answer.  I go home.  I make some more calls to figure out if I messed up or what.  Turns out, the HR lady I spoke with a week ago who set up all these appointments with me is no longer with the company, rendering everything she did with me basically useless.  And somehow, it did not get communicated to me that I would no longer be meeting with this particular lady.  Everything’s sorted out now though.  I was so confused for a while there.  Anyways, I’m getting pretty anxious to start my full-time job.  I’m really curious what it’s going to be like, and, let’s face it, I want a fat paycheck!  My part-time job is the easiest job ever, but the pay reflects that I think.  So that’s my update for today.  I need to make interesting things happen so that I’m writing every day.  I’m sure you all must be dying of anxiety waiting for my next post.  Well, I am aware of your plight and I’ll do my best to keep the good times coming.  ‘Til next time.




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