17 05 2008

So I’m not going to prom or anything, but my cousin is.  And since prom is tonight and I’m living with my aunt and uncle right now, I get to see how big a deal it is here.  It’s a big deal.  And I get the feeling it’s this big a deal in most high schools in the States.  There’s a few reasons why this tradition probably seems so crazy and extravagant to me.  First, I attended high school at a small school in rural Alberta.  Seventy-two people in my graduating class and the high school, junior high and elementary school were all contained within one building.  Compare this to class sizes of 700 or more and high schools that look like university campuses.  Small schools just can’t put on the sort of events that big schools can.  Second, my high school, and most other Canadian high schools that I know of, only had one big, formal event in the whole school year and that was the graduation banquet and dance and whatnot.  From what I understand, there are three main formal events every school year here, that are each sort of a big deal on their own: homecoming, winter formal and prom, prom being the biggest.  And third, I was sort of socially awkward in high school and probably didn’t pay as much attention to and put as much importance on my graduation event as a lot of other people did.  So, that being said, all this hubbub about prom seems pretty extravagant to me.  But the kids really get into it and, I mean, why not?  You need to have some fun in high school.  But within reason.  I think some people go way over the top.  That’s all I have to say about that. 




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18 05 2008

Who is this a picture of???? It is a big deal, I loved my prom. See you soon!

18 05 2008

It’s just a random picture from Google images.

19 05 2008

You’re right, there is no prom in Canada and graduation was no big deal. It sure is down here though. Some girls spend $1,000 on their dresses and hundreds on a limo. We have fun but you can have fun for a lot less money than that.

20 05 2008

They sure do go all out down there…all for good reasons I guess!! I think that I had 22 in my whole graduating class, so I’ve got you beat there. I didn’t even get the whole cap and gown experience.

20 05 2008
Jon W


we had grad, that was where people went mental. One grad was at a big hotel in downtown TO and cost, in 1987, 100 bucks to attend.

Of course my school was the snob school with personalized license plates, and cars to match them. Heck we had Robotics, Computer Tech and keyboarding classes with over 100 computers for each of these courses. This was 1985-87. Way too much money.

Needless to say I sent my regrets.

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