The Happiest Place on Earth!

12 05 2008

My diligent blog readers, I have a tale of happiness to relate!  I can’t say that my first week in San Diego was a fun-filled, thrill ride.  Most of my days have been spent job hunting on my computer and driving around dropping off resumes and whatnot.  And since I haven’t been here very long I don’t really have any friends yet either.  So when I’m not job hunting, I’m trying to find a way to entertain myself all alone.  It hasn’t been bad, but definitely not a party.  So, it’s friday night and I’m sitting and watching Monk with my aunt (nothing wrong with that by the way), when I get a phone call.  The only people I’m expecting calls from are potential employers and I felt like they probably wouldn’t be calling me at 9 on a friday night. Turns out, it was a girl I had met the week before at church.  Based solely on that first impression at church, she had decided she would take a chance and offer me a special opportunity.  Some friends of hers had some free passes to Disneyland and I was to be the lucky beneficiary of one of those passes!  So I spent all day yesterday at the happiest place on the earth!  What joy filled my soul!  I made some new friends and I was at Disneyland!  The last time I was at Disneyland I was 14 years old and I was definitely overdue for a visit.  I got a little frustrated at times with the multitudes of strollers and little children that flooded the happy streets.  But it was Disneyland, so I figured I’d cut them a little slack.  It was a good day.  We managed to fit a lot of stuff in and I was truly exhausted by the end.  Funny thing, a couple of weeks ago I was telling someone how I’d probably never go to Disneyland again cause I’d rather go to the more grown-up parks and then, my first week in Southern California, I end up going to Disneyland.  The fates decided I still had a little bit of childhood to get out.  And that’s my story.




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12 05 2008

Good job Pete…already making those lasting impressions!! And at Disneyland…what better way to spend a Saturday.

12 05 2008
Dan Harker


i’m so Jealous!

I secretly want to live in SAN DIEGO RIGHT NOW! :) AHAHAH! And Disney Land? WOW! That is the happiest place on earth. Although, last time I was there, I made a girl cry. WAH WAH. :( AHAHAH! My good friend Melissa Lions lives in one of the san diego YSA wards. She’s hot and I guess she has a really cool roommate. Watch out for her!



13 05 2008

Justin is always saying I never grew up. I love Disney!!! Good to see you have a blog … now I can stalk you! See you soon!

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