I have arrived! Look out San Diego!

6 05 2008


Me and a fallen redwoodAfter almost a week of traveling, I arrived in San Diego just a couple of days ago.  I’ll give y’all a brief rundown of the trip.  My good buddy Doug Dupont accompanied me on this whirlwind adventure.  We drove down through B.C.  We went through Clinton, cause I’ll probably never see it again; stopped in Abbotsford, spent the night with my old roommate Bobby Hinman, went and visited the Irwins in Chilliwack, hiked Teapot Hill at Cultus Lake, then tried to cross the border into the States.  What a gong show!  First, they ransack my car and then, as an afterthought, they tell me I need proper documentation to import my p.o.s Toyota into the U.S.  So, since it was after business hours and we couldn’t do anything that night, we hung out with Bobby some more.  Then, in the morning I spent two and a half hours calling Toyota headquarters in Canada and the US and a Toyota dealership in Chilliwack only to find out that it would take 2 to 3 weeks to get the documents I needed.  So we decided to scrap that idea and, after getting some helpful advice, we decided we’d try to cross once more before just renting a car.  This time they got on my case about being a permanent resident of the US and not having a permission to re-enter letter!  So I had to prove that I was a student in Canada for the last 4 years and they almost ransacked my car again, but finally they decided to let me through and told me I better not keep my car in the States.  Ha!  So we got in the US.  Then we visited my sister in Tacoma, WA, spent the night there, the next day   

This is pretty much where I livewe made it to northern California, spent the night in Crescent City, went to some Redwood groves in the morning, drove down to San Fransisco, drove over the Golden Gate bridge, went to the Fisherman’s Wharf, looked longingly at Alcatraz (all the tours were sold out for days), and continued on south.  We spent the night in a not-so-classy establishment off the interstate between San Fran and LA.  Next day we made it to LA, made a quick stop at my mission office in Arcadia, took a quick tour of my mission and East LA, went out to Huntington Beach, where we bared our pasty white bodies for Southern California to behold, after playing for a while we arrived shortly in San Diego, where we received a hero’s welcome (almost) at my Aunt and Uncle’s house.  What a trip!  Now, I have to get serious and find a job and stuff.  Wish me luck.






One response

12 05 2008

I can totally relate with your border woes, but it sounds like they were even more strict with you. I mean, they didn’t search my car or insist that I get the proper documents to import my car (I didn’t import it until only a few months ago). Then again, maybe they figured that after they had split up a young family, they had done enough damage and just let me go on myself.

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